Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trek On

The comic.

Having seen the trailer for this new Trek movie, I'm inclined to agree with Brent.

I'm not sure why Jade and Cole would be bothered by Brent's comments though. Sure it's a little morbid. But a good idea is a idea.

It seems like Cole's collar flip is switching sides throughout the strip today.

And once again, the "camera" is way too close to the action.


Brett Schiller (Sage) said...


I am taking part of your argument about PVP and using it to describe my current situation with PVP. Your copyright lawyer can contact me at 215 . . . . . . . :)

PVP at its best is inconsistent and I don't know why that is. This strip and the "Art imitates Game etc" were VERY good strip and mad eme laugh at loud. However, these days you have to wade through so much other stuff to get to it that its frustrating. And like Jes said it seems more "safe" then "suck" at this point. Scott for whatever reason CAN draw amazing stuff and can deliver great dialogue but it doesn't always appear. I don't think he doesnt WANT to do it just doesn't HAPPEN all the time for whatever reason. I believe he is and was hugely successful for the reasons list above but looking at the day to day stuff its just not there most of the time.
The guys at PA have been around for the longest time too (and I know they have a different format/schedule) but I still look at their stuff and love it a majority of the time and they don't appear to be FORCING their humor. I wish PVP would get back to that because I loved today's strip because it has what I love about PVP. (Biting humor, pop culture/relevent pop culture, and good to great art)

TheOriginalJes said...

In all fairness to SK...

George Lucas IS Darth Vader!

@ Sage

I'm in total agreement with you about today's PVP. But, I'd add that if SK plans to continue with the "safe" stuff, he could at least colorize it, again.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Today's strip "Excuses, Excuses"

It is good that MAx has become aware or finally voices why Cole and Brent has it out for him, but its weird that he would do it AFTER he was rejected from Thanksgiving after he invited himself. It makes me feel very little sadness for Max or anger at the PVP guys because if someone did that at my work, my reacion would be the same.

Now if he was bemoaning the fact he was alone and then they said "well that sucks but WE have families that we can spend our holiday with" then Id have more sympathy for him.

"Safe" but not "suck" we'll have to see where this storyline goes before the true worth of it can be determined.

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