Thursday, November 6, 2008

Panda "Attack"

Alright, so Cole just looks weird in that first panel. Maybe it's just because we don't see the legs very often, much less in motion. But his shirt looks like a thick sweater or something at the bottom. That's my only art nitpick.

So yeah, it's a panda strip. I sort of thought we were done with these since the "panda-chun" storyline but I guess not. And this is a clever twist on the usual gag, I admit. 

I didn't find it especially funny, but your milage may vary.


Ben said...

Amusing enough. I don't mind first panel Cole, but the chess pieces are oddly detailed. They sort of remind me of Robbie's poodles from a while back.

On the positive front, I like what Kurtz is doing with the panda's brow line.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Yes, I like this clever twist on the Panda attack joke then the whole "panda whisperer" storyline.

But you needed that one to get to here, as it showed the Panda was more a part of the office then a random interlude. Still didn't like the story arc, but it served the purposed to get here

rdy said...

Hey, if the strip is finally growing out of doing those unfunny panda-attacks, I'm all for it. Whether that's what this is or just Kurtz finally scraping the bottom of the barrel of ways to do panda-attack, time will tell.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Brett, the Panda Whisperer storyline wasn't needed to make the panda part of the office. That was affirmed the first time the WWF showed up, when they ended up paying Cole off to keep the panda in the office. Then Cole used that money to buy back ownership of the magazine.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

@ a nonny mouse
Well I meant more a part of the staff. At the end of the panda whisperer Brent ran into the panda rounding the corner and they had an awkward conversation and went their seperate ways. The storyline changed the panda from solely an attack gag to part of the office staff . . . and an attack gag.

The WWF staff just gave the background for why the panda was and stayed in the offce. Plus a deus ex machina for cole to buy back the magazine

Dave said...

I think Cole's shirt is untucked and goes half way down his pants?

Clint said...

Hey, I'm just happy to see the KIA get some love.

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