Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is. my post.

It's sad that my first post back has to be about misplaced punctuation. It's barely worth mentioning.

So I won't. (It'll probably get fixed anyway.)

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Reader said...

It's too bad Kurtz hates Buckley. He could learn a thing or two from him. CAD is 99% of the time posted at the top of the day. When it isn't, Buckley has the common decency to tell us.

Today I sat down to do my usual morning ritual of checking up on news, webcomics, e-mail and the like before tackling my work. I visit PVP. There's nothing new. No strip, no blog entry. No surprise, but still aggravating.

I visit CAD. And there's no new strip. I can't even remember the last time that happened. But the blog has three entries. One from 11:47 PM last night, one from 03:35 AM and one from 05:48 AM. All three are quick updates letting us know he's plugging away at the strip.

That's how to treat your fans. Your customers. Not with total silence. Or rants, which Kurtz is also fond of.

It amuses me that Kurtz keep accusing Buckley of all the personality traits I see embodied in Kurtz.

AAAANYWAY, enough about the creator and how he treats his fans, and let's go on to the strip.

While I can see why some people might not like this one, I for one think it continues Kurtz' streak as of late. If he keeps this up I'll soon be happy to proclaim that old PvP is back.

I particularly like Brent's scholarly explanation of a certain aspect of chess. Even if it does have a punctuation gaffe.

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