Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterens Day


I get the message of the comic, but I think it would work better if Francis' dialogue were more disrespectful. The sort of trash talk one usually hears on Xbox Live, for instance. Right now Cole is just a jerk, slapping the controller away with silent judgment.


R.W.McGee said...

(Repost from earlier thread:)

Whoa, quick course correction from WoW today. I am so stunned by how terrible the Veteran's Day comic is that I really don't have words.

Putting aside the subject matter, it's just an ugly looking comic...something you don't see from Kurtz all that much. The newspaper bubbles are poorly conceived, the art on the faces, tie, and lighting in the third panel is execrable, and the fourth panel is similar, but adds in an extremely strange rendering of Cole's arm.

(I'm leaving aside the subject matter, and that Cole has OFTEN participated in similar types of games...making him once again a self-righteous prick.)

Peter said...

I liked the reference to The Office. "You don't snipe in Carrington!"

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...
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Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

I agree with Esoteric Scribe on this one. Francis' words aren't really disrespectful to the troops, not enough so to what Cole did. How is what he doing any more disrespectful then a kid playing army with toy guns or with army men? It just has better graphics. If Scott roughed up the language a little, after all he has a SUPERHERO that speeks in leet speak, i agree in hitting the controller away, then him in the head.

I do like the Office reference though as it made me chuckle and the "Soldier Breaks Silence on Nazi Slave Camp" was from today or at least recent so that was good. but the joke as a whole could have been better with a more righteous fury from Cole then someone playing an army game.

Nick said...

I expect Kurtz was torn between a desire to show Francis being particularly offensive and making a reference to the office. In this case, he picked funny referential dialogue over dialogue that would have better supported the punchline. The reference would've been better saved for another day.

rdy said...

"How is what he doing any more disrespectful then a kid playing army with toy guns or with army men?"

Or Cole's own paintball fetish, for that matter?

echelon321 said...

I didn't get the Office reference so I totally agree with scribe.

Having Francis say something like "Hah! Watch me teabag this guy I just knifed from behind."

Seriously playing/reviewing an on-line video game (ostensibly Francis' job) on veteran's day should not have inherently been disrespectful.

Unless Kurtz' joke was that people (like Cole) overreact on this holiday, which I don't think was his point.

Ben said...

Did anyone else flash back to that "An elephant never forgets" 9/11 cartoon? (Not a PvP.)

Scott said...

Based on all the email I received from people in the armed forces, or from people with families in the armed forces, I feel confident that the strip got the proper message across.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Yes Scott, we knew the POINT you were getting at, respect the soldiers, don't make their sacrifices trivial by acting like what they do is trivial by doing trivial things (i.e. playing Xbox). So you can put the "we'll i had people email me" right up you're ass for that. We understand that you get a positive reaction from your audience. Popular doesn't necessarily mean its infallable after all a lot of people thought the backstreet boys were good and

We're saying we got what you were trying to say, just that Francis wasn't that disrespectful, at least for an Xbox Live user. He was almost a gentleman compared to what you normally hear.

BTW guys 36 more days until PVPMMS's first anniversary!

Chipacabra said...

Just because vets and servicemen appreciate some well deserved attention once in a while doesn't mean the strip was actually *good*, Scott. If you're happy with "it's the thought that counts," then the strip's going to stagnate.

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