Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Er, Veterans Day

A quick post to warm back into it...

I like the sentiment behind Veterans Day, but (shock!) a couple of things bother me:

1. I wouldn't have included the Office reference. If you're making a point like this, don't dilute it.

2. I would have tried to find better, more authentically military sounding dialogue for Francis, to better get across the point -- the point being that by pretending to participate in military activities, we trivialize those actually serving in the military.

3. PVP characters in profile continue to look weird to me. They both look like muppets in the last two panels.

In this case it's the thought that counts though.


R.W.McGee said...

And in todays Horde vs. Alliance strip, Kurtz finally figures out the 3/4 profile in panel 4. Bravo sir, now let's have no more Muppet ridiculousness.

Anonymous said...

This strip was so.. unfunny. =|

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