Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Do I Have an Ominous Feeling About This?

Hey guys,
Everyone's least favorite poster has the keys to the car right now! ES is doing a great job, but like FSM, real life (what is that) is kind of bogging him down. As for now I'll be posting on here, but if FSM or ES ever get time to do it again consistently I'll go back to my posting roll as they are much better at this then I am.

For those of you who don't know, my REAL name is my tag, I live in Drexel Hill, PA outside of Philadelphia (go Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, Soul, Kixx, Phantoms, etc.) and work as a physical therapist in Oxford, PA (where the Amish roam). I'll update my profile to back this up.

Ill stick to my strengths as a commentator as I am better suited to talk about story and general overall discussions. With art I'm more Frankenstein-ian in that its basically "art good" or "art bad". I do like the art for the most part in PVP now as it's more detailed both in the fore and backgrounds and Kurtz's art skills generally are strong throughout.

Also, as a sign of honesty I was *gasp* banned from PVP's forums by the Grand Poohbah himself (who said "it pains me to do this" which im guessing it probably wasn't). What did i do? I posted the Time blog that FSM put on here (PVPMMS - PVP-enhancing prosthetic) on the forums saying "hey look we're not all bad." Well the swarm of PVP-philes came around and then when i suggested there was a period of time (maybe a month or so) where PVP was late well it was like ants on a spilled bottle of honey. And, well you guys know me, I responded and defended my position to them, citing claims of trolling (meh, it was a discussion but whatever) and didn't even curse, knowing i'd get banned for that and i was off the boards.

Well I'm glad we have PVPMMS who is now 2 days away from a year anniversary (my the time goes fast) so i'll be here until the site dries up or when FSM pulls off the mask revealing "Teh Kurtz!" (ala Secret invasion)


Reader said...

"Frankincense tingling!"

Classic line. My favourite in a while.

The Thelonious Punk said...

Tehee, yeah that line made me laugh also. As for the new title Sage, good job, you've been a fairly consistent contributor, so I guess it's only fair that you get the throne of power ;-)

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

yeah, i promise to keep my reign of terror mostly isolated to the peasants

Also, Ill likely update for today's strip around 8pm EST tonite and then regulary as soon as the new strip comes out

rdy said...

Can you drop the FSM=Kurtz thing, Sage? It was amusing for a while but it's getting really old now.

Good luck with the Blog posting, though. People taking up this role seem to be struck down after a while so watch your back :)

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

@ rdy
Well if it does happen at least i was ready for it, but I'll stop :)

After all FSM talked to me calmly and coherantly over email, so I knows its not Kurtz :).

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