Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kringus returns

Ok guys here we go. . .
I liked the strip today overall as the art was great. Scott did a great job of adding detail that a few months ago wasn't present. The needles falling off the tree when Scratch was talking was a nice subtle touch as it denotes him shaking around in the tree. Also, the explosion in the fourth panelwas very well drawn as the streaks of smoke and debris add a nice sense of realism.

With the story the "Frankincense Tingling" was a good play off the Spider-semse and made me chuckle. Also, the subtle part was that in the fourth panel Scratch called for Skull to look out. That is a continuation from the last Skull/Scratch arc where Scratch seems more appeciative of his owner after his absence; his protection of Skull was a nice reminder of that little character growth.

My one complaint is more of an overall problem with the Kringus character. When, in this persona, he isn't screaming to the heavens ala Shatner with a change in font with block lettering his "speech" or font is exactly the same as Scratch's. I looked at last years arc, when Scratch was in and out of the tree his normal speech font was the same. If Kringus is some sort of mythical threat, a change in font to something more ominous or threatening would get that change across. The one time last year was when Kringus was fighting with Santa's Helper (tm) and the word bubble was in a negative setting (black background/white lettering), at least in that case you can see Kringus as something different than a cat stuck in a tree (after all he scares the crap out of Santa so he's not an imaginary construct)

I look forward to a nice showdown/ battle stance with the 5 tomorrow ala '60's/70's Marvel though.


Reader said...

Just a friendly piece of advice:

I'd suggest running your posts through a spell & grammar checker before posting them.

"a imaginary" -> "an imaginary"
"tomarrow" -> "tomorrow"

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Thanks Reader that is a good idea. At least i saved the mistakes until the end

Im just hoping my critiques don't need to be critiqued as much as we do PVP. :)

Jai said...

I know that Jingle Force Five is an excellent play on the original X-Men squad... but, God help me, I still can't see Mistletoe as anything but an exact (Albeit female) copy of one of The Monarch's goons (From The Venture Bros.). She's got the hunched over pose, sorta dumb-looking face and everything! Funny stuff.

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