Saturday, January 17, 2009

Open Thread - Movies

Hey guys,
I just realized there was a good little Doctor Who discussion a few threads ago. Even though I've never seen the show it was nice to read those comments.

For Saturday let's talk about upcoming movies:
I'm looking forward to:

1) The Wrestler: I know it's out but went a little wider around my area. Mickey Rourke already won a Golden Globe for his performance and everyone I talked to said it wasgreat. I'm also a fan of wrestling and a good movie about that sport/entertainment is a good thing.

2)Watchmen: The first "graphic novel" that I read in full book form. I loved it and the trailers for the movie look to have good visuals as well. As long as the unknowns have the chops to carry the characters I think it will be great.

3)Transformers 2: I loved this series as a kid and I found the first one good just because it was fun. Also, it is the only movie my dad wanted to see specifically with me because he watched it with me as a kid. Plus Soundwave, Jetfire, and/or the Constructicons will be involved; Sweet!
*Transformers 2 trailer will be shown during the Super Bowl.


Jim Thorpe said...

Monday's strip is pretty cool - just because I'm a Doctor Who fan, maybe. Also nicely rendered in grey tones - tip of my cap to PVP!!

jsiebels said...

The Wrestler was a great movie. Even if you don't enjoy wrestling you'll appreciate this movie. Mickey Rourke does a fantastic job as Randy the Ram, a washed up wrestler who still thinks he's got that one big match left in him. You watch someone who has to slowly come to terms with the best part of his life is over with. At one time he had thousands of fans now he's just a mere shell of his former self.
The Watchmen is the must read of comics. The movie looks great. True to the comic. Can't wait for it.
Transformers 2. I loved the first movie. Cars that turn into giant robots is a win right there. Didn't watch the cartoon growing up so I'm not as attached to it as some of the rabid fans which might be why I liked the movie. Going to be a good season for movies.

Rdy said...

Transformers missed the mark somewhat for me. The robot designs were overdone and once they started fighting, it was difficult to tell them apart. Could have probably done without a lot of the human characters/plot too.

Shame Shia is back for the sequel. Don't think I've ever seen him in a film where his presence wouldn't be missed. A complete cinematic non-event.

Really looking forward to Watchmen though. The trailers have been greatn (okay, Ozymandias looks like AV club nerd but other than that...). So happy the probs with those a-holes at Fox have been sorted too.

willweldon said...

I think you're credibility as any sort of critic is shot when you say you liked the first Transformers movie.

jsiebels said...

Will, how could you watch the battle scenes and not get excited?
I agree the story was not Oscar material but the subject matter was based on a Saturday morning cartoon and Hollywood could really destroyed the property (Scooby Doo, Casper, Fat Albert or Space Jam-where the Looney Toons effectively raped my childhood- anyone?) Shia did a decent job (I still shudder at the abomination of Indiana Jones and Mutt)but he's a likable kid.
Was Transformers better than The Dark Knight? Definitely not. Was it better than the three recent Star Wars films, Spiderman III, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Fantastic Four (1 and 2) and a slew of others? Yes. It was a fun popcorn movie that had giant robots beating the crap out of each other. For that alone I give it a two thumbs up.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Firsty, I think if people on the internet had to pass a certain criteria to be critical, A LOT of forums would be silent.

Secondly, I believe my day job as a physical therapist will help soften the blow if my critic's rights are revoked. :)

Lastly, my quote was "I found the first one good just because it was fun"; I didn't think the movie was brilliant but they did a good enough job brining a cartoon I liked to live action and they aren't shitting on my childhood memories.

If the post had been about movies I loved over the last year it would have been 1) Frost/Nixon 2)Quantum of Solace and then the 4-6 chick flick movies I saw (i have a fiancee after all) not even ranking

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