Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Tis the season

@ the duck and originaljes
Well I HOPE this site is not slowly dying but as much as the inconsistency of posts is a problem I have a total of 29 comments on the 6 posts. I'll do my best to post everyday and I hope you all do the same. I don't care what it is about, call me and idiot, whatever, but let us get back to the point where we had some discussion here. Hell I don't even anything close to this for a living so my opinion has to have some holes in it :).

12/23- Back Atcha! - I liked how this comic answered my complaint about the Christmas tree (not a personal answer, just it came up). A good throw back to the function of Juggernaut's helmet and the star comment made me chuckle. A nitpick was when Professor X-mas had his power turned back on his I believe it is the Little Drummer Boy he is singing. Unless his trance is causing it the lyrics are "Pa-rump-pa-pum-pum" instead of "Ba-rump-ba . . ."

12/24 - Underneath the Mistletoe - I still like the art as it remains a good homage to the classic 60's/70's Marvel art, especially Marvel Girl. Also the "(and some women)" addition made me chuckle as it was a good juxtaposition to the classic art. The one thing I didn't like was the mistletoe, while it is poisonous; it is only if it is eaten. Wrapping a person in it, while they are in a hulking metal suit shouldn't be that much of a concern.

12/25 - Silent Night, Deadly Night - The art again was well done as the action throughout continues to be done with great detail and style. Also, the two Christmas puns were good, with the second being better and making me chuckle the most. In the second panel when Scratch's power frees him the silhouette (round, rotund) is different from the actual shape (muscular, anatomical). Also, with the shape of the speech bubble it looks like he is calling Scratch Robbie instead of what I guess is Frosty's real name.

12/26 - Kringus Triumphant - Overall a good ending to a good arc which I liked a good bit. The foreshadowing is there for next year and I hope that it is as strong as this year. My only complain - in the last panel seeing the "mess" that was left after Santa's attack was good, but I wish Kringernaut's head wasn't in the shot. It lessens the space in the frame and seeing a full frame of the aftermath would have been nice.

12/29 - Kringus 2008: Epilogue - The TRUE follow-up to the arc that continues the foreshadowing for next year. Also, the fact that Scratch took out the Jingle Force Five and then loses his presents to the lovable (albeit cranky) Skull got me to audibly laugh, very nice.

12/30 - Balls - Hey remember yesterday's strip and the whole arc that I generally liked? Well I generally disliked this one. First off, this was done before when Cole tried to ban farts and that wasn't funny. Also, the "balls in Miranda's face" was pure 5th grade humor, and the bad thing is it wasn't FUNNY 5th grade humor.

Ok its 1:25 am I'll finish the rest of the strips tomorrow guys, Peace!


Slecher said...

If you keep up the slow posting , i'm gonna creat a pvpmakesmesadmakesmesad blog :P

Just kidding , happy holidays :)

Dedos said...

I absolutely, totally detest the Reggie redesign.

Horsemen said...

A few points:

- Kringus is completely wasted on me. I don't care, it's drawn out, and it's not terribly consistent within its own continuity.

- The new posts on this site are rambling and, at-times, unclear. It could be the inconsistent authors, but it's distracting.

Fortunately I don't rely on someone's criticism website for any help in forming my own opinion about a free strip I choose to read. I do come here to find out if I missed something, though. It's a decent resource for that.

rdy said...

Can't say I like these profile drawings. They look ugly and disproportioned - especially Reggie, who seems to lose his forehead when drawn like this. Also not looking forward to this new trawl into 'Soap PVP' territory again. It's when the strip is at its worse.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...


I fully admit Im not as good as FSM and ES at critiques

TheOriginalJes said...

@ horsemen
You don't need the critique of third party individual's? You must not be a cartoonist...

Welcome aboard!

@ Thelonius P. -

I agree with you about Reggie. Also, his new hair and general lack of lips makes him look more Puerto Rican to me. I hope his character isn't trying to convert. I just don't think the author can pull it off.

R.W.McGee said...

Re: Ding!

Kurtz now soliciting stories from WoW players so he can write his strip! WOW, so cool! Amount these people will be getting paid for providing Kurtz with his storylines: $0! Similarity to CNN ireport bullshit 100%!

Getting somebody else to do most of your job for you: Priceless!

dnesan said...

Two points:

I thought that the "Mistletoe is poisonous" line was a action-hero-y line meant to reference the toxicity of mistletoe (the plant) to show how awesome and dangerous Mistletoe (of the Jingle Force Five) is. But maybe that's just me. I figure the "won't kiss anyone" line was meant to highlight her newly revealed power of creating those mistletoe vines. I think it's debatable at least.

Second, RW McGee: technically the people who submit ideas for Ding will be paid 9.95 (plus S&H I guess) in the form of a print of their strip. Not bad if one actually likes the comic, I'd say.

A Nonny Mouse said...

"I thought that the "Mistletoe is poisonous" line was a action-hero-y line meant to reference the toxicity of mistletoe (the plant) to show how awesome and dangerous Mistletoe (of the Jingle Force Five) is."

You're right, plus she's saying that she has a poisonous disposition. After the "if you won't kiss me you won't kiss anyone" line the fact that it was intended as a pun should have been obvious.

I think we can all agree that the drawing of Miranda throwing a drink in Reggie's face is pretty awful. The necessary sense of motion seems to be completely absent. I think the strip was quite late, so I picture Kurtz getting really frustrated at not being able to get it right before finally just putting it up as it was.

Jim Thorpe said...

"Miranda throwing a drink in Reggie's face is pretty awful"

I didn't mind it, you know what she's doing. Maybe if he hadn't drawn the opposite right shoulder above her boobs it might have flowed better?

The Trouble said...

yeah I think the composition of that last panel could be a little stronger. Miranda comes off a lot thicker then she actually is since the panel of cutting off the arch of her back. I'm sure the initial sketch version looked fine.

Also, that's a strong chin!

Jim Thorpe said...

I meant left shoulder - duh.

R.W.McGee said...

"technically the people who submit ideas for Ding will be paid 9.95 (plus S&H I guess) in the form of a print of their strip. Not bad if one actually likes the comic, I'd say."

Also not bad if one tries to pay for their meals with Monopoly money. For the rest of us in the real world, it's worth zip.

Chris Dunning said...

I'm not a big fan of the more drama filled runs of strips, but the last two haven't been too bad. I liked Brent and Jade's self congratulation session the other day, and today's strip is actually pretty funny. Scott got a couple of good digs in on himself. The "sitcom-inspired plan" and "you write what you know" comments are both things he's been called on before, and something I'm sure he recognizes.

I've got a couple of comments on the art. First, I don't mind Reggie's new redesign, but his hair in the first panel does seem a bit inconsistent with the rest of the pictures of hims so far (sticking up straight).

Second, Brent's chin seems way too fat and long in panel two, but that may be because of the angle we're seeing him from and the fact that his hand is where his chin should end.

poormnssuprmn49 said...

I'm with Dedos the new reggie design is awful.

On a separate note can we can someone to run this blog who knows what they're talking about and actually posts?

dnesan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dnesan said...

"Also not bad if one tries to pay for their meals with Monopoly money. For the rest of us in the real world, it's worth zip."

There's a big difference between something that you find worthless or do not want, and something that no one would find valuable or desirable.

I'm sure there are plenty of PVP/Kurtz fans who would be very happy with a print of his work inspired by their story. Assuming otherwise is pretty myopic.

R.W.McGee said...

I enjoy being myopic ever once and a while.

Also, if Kurtz likes your idea, what's to keep him from marketing said prints and devaluing them?

dnesan said...

You're definitely right R.W, (and probably clearly seeing the future) about the prints. I'm sure if a strip is really hilarious, Kurtz will make prints. But I don't think the prints are really valued for individuality. I'm more talking about their value to the individual.

All I'm saying (to get back to where this all started) is that the print the "author" will get would ordinarily cost 9.95, and someone who would send in a story for Ding is probably a Kurtz/PVP/Ding fan who would appreciate a print in general, and especially a print of the strip they inspired.

I just think the implication that the "author" is not being compensated isn't fair. You may think that the person deserves more, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who'll send in stories (and would probably do it for free, too).

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