Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry Guys

Hey guys, Christmas parties, going out with friends, wrapping presents and the Eagles playing a maddening game kept me out for Friday and this weekend.

Enter the Kringernaut: I must confess that Juggernaut is one of if not my favorite villains of Marvel (not the movie, comics only), so seeing the Kringernaut was a nice little thing for me. Also, my complaint from the previous post was rectified (no not just for me, but clarified) as Snow-Angel was seen flying outside. Also, for all the complaints about continuity, Scratch was working on this even before Skull left; I even remembered him working on SOMETHING in his lair before Kurtz even linked it.

Only Nit-Pick: The tree on Kringernaut's head, yes I know it’s supposed to be Christmas-y but it looks weird.

O Tannenbomb: As Djagir pointed out, through the mask Scratch looked like Cole in the armor. That was cleared up and made more detailed in this strip. Also, more Christmas puns are good, but I hope not too many more (ice puns in Batman Forever = *shudder*) even thought this one made me laugh. Also, good action sequence when the bombs went off as you can see Kurtz is comfortable with action.

Also, hat/tree still looks goofy, and bolt nipples remind of me of Clooney's Batman suit from Batman Forever.


TheOriginalJes said...

I would have liked to see some light background work where the Kringernaut's fist hit the building. Just the brick shrapnel wasn't really good enough for me. Although I do appreciate the time and energy that was put into the character detail for the first panel, the lack of backing just sort of wasted it for me. And I don't usually care to nit-pick the art.

Also, I might have eliminated Kringernaut's opening word "enough". It didn't carry smoothly. I was expecting something too climatic, and too early.

One more thing. Maybe the helmet should have had cat ears.

As a continuity piece, today's strip does it's job. I'd give it a B-.

TheOriginalJes said...

Oh, and for a mechanical suit, those legs are quite fleshy-looking.

TheOriginalJes said...

Balls -

That went over much smoother than the "no farting in the office" policy.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Being made privy to Brent demonstrating a level of wit that would be considered tired in a 13 year old reminds me why I keep going back to PVP. Because I'm too boring a person to find something better to do.

A Nonny Mouse said...

I'm kidding, that's not the only reason. It's also because I like occasionally having the opportunity to make derisive remarks about it.

The knowledge that Kurtz still comes here sometimes and so might have his feelings hurt sucks some of the fun out of that.

The Duck said...

This blog is really just dying a slow death isn't it?

TheOriginalJes said...

@duck -

You're probably right.

A Nonny Mouse said...

It might be, but it might just be that most people actually have things to do during this period. Nobody's at work thinking up ways to avoid doing work.

The Thelonious Punk said...

I'm not wanting to offend anyone here, but in the third panel of "This Party Blows", why is Reggie's skin not black?

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