Friday, January 9, 2009

Waiting is the hardest part for - "Meet the Ex"

Art- I like the change of Chet's hair to one solid piece in the front to tell nose from hair. I love Miranda's petulant look as it captures her seething really well. Finally, Scott continues with the profile shots in panel 2 and does well with the guys compared to Miranda a few days ago.

Story - I'm glad to see that Chet appears to be more of an oafish guy instead of a douche bag. This way (if his attitude continues) the conflict remains between Reggie and Miranda, instead of adding a new character who we really don't care about. I think Reggie remains a well written character and his line at the end of the strip was the best in a while as well as Chet’s unwitting acceptance of it.

Also, for those of you who think I have dropped the ball, PVPMMS had a lull in updates last year from 12/21 to 1/17 so it is not an uncommon occurrence around here to face a slow down around the holidays.


Anonymous said...

did that lull happen after 8 posts?

A Nonny Mouse said...

Pointing out a trend like that in a blog that is barely a year old is a bit silly. Still, it's obvious that it would slow down at such times. This is just a low-key unprofessional place for mucking around.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Actually it was after FSM's 4th post ever of PVPMMS

TheOriginalJes said...

Quick question - how do you determine a "common occurrence" based around an annual event, when you've only reached the first anniversary?

I liked how today's post shows Miranda's immaturity in the face of an emotional crisis. For someone who usually touts her superiority, she really has this coming. Excellent character development, I say.

Re: Ding! - Scott was right about one thing in his PVP post, Phables was a good strip. I say "was" because it hasn't updated in months... So, if he wants to take that route, I say go for it.

But, I'm starting to think he *depends* upon PVPMMS to drum up readership on his own site. Why else would he have to come here to stir the s*&t, when he was only being called out on his own word?

It's a real shame.

Rdy said...

Still think the profiles are terrible. They just look flat and Reggie still has the incredible shrinking forehead in them.

jsiebels said...

Was there a joke in today's strip? Read it aloud and see how natural the dialogue sounds. And it took one day for Mir to find a replacement then she shoots Reg attitude. The only thing I can figure out is this is a homage to 70's sitcoms.

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