Monday, January 12, 2009

Your Order has Shipped

Art - Background is still great as you can tell they are back at Casa de (di?) Sienna from the detail on the computer room. Also, the detail on the police box is great and you can tell Scott wanted to make it a focal point of the strip.

On the downside Jade with bug-eyes (JBE as it will be referred to now) returns. Also, when Brent clasps his hand together his fingers turn sharp and claw-like (if its an homage to Sabretooth/Lady Deathstrike I'm sorry). Plus in the last frame, if Brent is clasping his hands in joy, you can't see the fingers of his right and at all and his left fingers are weird.

Story - Good premise as most men like to order things and rather ask for forgiveness then permission (I know Brent forgot but its still true). As one who got in trouble for buying a new Ipod when saving for a house, this comic rings true.

Side note - If this goes into a Doctor Who-centric storyline I haven't seen one episode, so references will go over my head. I'm warning you now.


jsiebels said...

Reminds me of The Big Bang Theory where Penny gets mad at Leonard because the guys' new "time machine" causes her to miss work. Leonard is so devastated that he vows to give up all of his nerd memorabilia.
See current storyline on TV, alter it and sell it as your own. But I don't fault him for doing this. New content will need to be created FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. There is no plan B. You take even on month off and you'll lose 50% of your readership. I couldn't imagine having to create a new "joke" every day for the rest of my life. For that hats off.
I'm much more the type that prefers a steady paycheck, vacation time, 401 and retirement and benefits.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...
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Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

I'd say wait for the who storyline to unfold (if it is not a one-off) before a "rip-off" label can be posted on it.

I don't see it as dire as you do as well with the "joke for the rest of your life". First off many cartoons, including this one, have gone from dailies to MWF without much of a peep (and without a reason to be mad at that, just tell us). Also, you can work ahead over the course of a week/weekend and just have it update on the proper day. Also, Scott does seem to have a lot of people who would step in for him (i.e. when he had a staph infection) so there are a lot of people that want their work up their for friendly or business gains.

Dedos said...

I don't know. I guess I shouldn't have expected, you know, resolution or anything from the epic teen drama of Reggie and Miranda. Simply dismissing her as a "Crazy Bitch" *was* the end of the story. Great.

Instead we're thrust into OMGPANIC mode for something that doesn't even make sense. Brent is freaking out, presumably over finances, over something he ordered (and would have had to pay for) before his marriage. So why the excessive angst?

jsiebels said...

I got sidetracked with my comments. Scott is known for pulling in pop culture references. Any geek worth his weight knows Dr. Who. I don't know if he's a fan of this show (I don't recall him posting about Dr. Who before but I could be wrong) or if he's just pulling it in because of the activity of the show. We will see how this ans out. I'm confused about the direction of the storyline. Are we done with Reggie's story? It just seemed to end adbruptly.
And my point regarding the constant updating of the strip I was refering to the never ending cycle. True, Scott has a nubmer of fans who would gladly step in. But the constant grind and push to create would have to eventually take its toll. I couldn't imagine doing anything for 10 years let alone 20, 30 or more. Hats off to him because so many others suffer burn out or realize they've given up too much of their lives and sacraficed too many things such as family and friends and end up walking away or scaling back. Scott has not had this problem and keeps burning through it.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

I believe I am a good nerd (did you SEE that Sabretooth/Lady Deadthstrike reference? :) ). however I never got into Doctor Who. Same goes for the whole Star Trek universe except for Next Generation. Picard is awesome btw.

I remember Scott posted about getting into Dr. Who and was catching up with DVDs about 3-6 months ago. That why I think this may be more than a one-off as he seemed excited to incorporate it. Hey "you write what you know"

A Nonny Mouse said...

Well, just so you know, to many people who do watch Doctor Who writing it as "Dr. Who" is highly aggravating. Almost as aggravating as referring to the character as "Doctor Who."

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

I at least know that it's "The Doctor" right?

So its Dr. Who, MD? :)

Jim Thorpe said...

A lot of people make webcomics because they want to. A few can make a living off of it, like Scott (who likely would still create it even if no one came to his site), but most make their comic because it is fun, and you can become part of community of creators if you really want to. I just started mine, and don't ever expect to make a dime, but I really had fun making the first four, getting two real comments, and hope to find enough time to update it regularly - and wish for the day I had that problem of having to come up with a joke a day for an audience.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

@ Jim Thorpe
Do you have a site or is it more of a personal collection

Alex Tucker said...

I'm so glad you brought up Bug-Eyed Jade. Man, this has been bothering me for a while. Kurtz has done so well by learning how to turnarounds for his characters; I commend him for really trying to make the strip a lot less graphically static than it was in the early days.

Yet he's always given facial expressions the short shrift. His mouths, with the exception of Skull, are almost always the same (they seem incapable of forming anything other than that same downturn). The eyebrows never seem to shift from frame to frame, regardless of whatever dialogue the character's saying. All the character designs suffer from a lack of diversity, with Jade's being the most egregious example. She went from being constantly sleep-eyed to constantly bug-eyed overnight, with no variation in between.

(At least she doesn't cross her arms in every panel anymore.)

Why can't his expressions be loosened up a bit? Is SK still using the cut and paste method for his character's heads? Still working off a template? Surely he's seen the work of Kyle Baker, Steven Silver and Shane Glines, just for starters.

And let's not say, "Well, that's just those artists' individual styles. Kurtz isn't them." True. SK has his own style. I don't want him to do carbon copies of the examples I cited. Still, tthat doesn't mean he can't follow their examples. If he can evolve the characters' bodies, he can do the same with their basic expressions.

A little variety is okay.

Preferred, in fact.

Jim Thorpe said...

@Brett Schiller (Sage)- I'm going to share the url, but only cuz you asked - the Webcomic Weekly podcast with Scott said the first 100 strips of a webcomic will usually be awful - so don't expect much since I'm only on number four!

A Nonny Mouse said...

I actually prefer Jade with the bug eyes. I freaking despised that half-closed nonsense that was presumably intended to represent eye shadow but just made her look perpetually smug.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

@ Jim Thorpe
Hey the fist few strips were solid man. Like you said its just the beginnig and you'll get into a grove and get more and more momentum.

Most recent strip "going green" make me chuckle. After all I managed to kill a cactus so it speaks very well to me :)

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Sorry grove - groove unless yoyu plan on growing oranges :)

Rdy said...

Is the post by 'holladown' in yesterday's thread authentic or just some bot spotting the reference to SWG and posting some of those 'guaranteed to fill your computer with trojans!'-looking links?

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Sorry grove - groove unless you plan on growing oranges :)

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

I dont know, anyone have any objection to me deleting it? Its either a virus or rickroll and do we really need either one of them?

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