Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bike Cop, Bike Cop, what you gonna do?

Blind Spot

Art - The characters and everything that is there in today's strip is great and detailed no complaint about what is drawn.

The only problem I have is the total lack of background which is especially noticeable in panels 2 and 5. It looks like Brent/Cole are driving into nothingness and parked next to nothingness respectively. A generic background of town buildings would have helped to take that away.

Story - Well it was more than a one-off but still likely less then a story arc. I liked today's comic as I'm sure that goes through the mind of everyone who sees a bike cop coming after them, even if they were only speeding.

My only problem was with the word bubbles being switched in the second panel. I did know who was speaking but it was distracting as I had to wonder if they had switched positions in the car. If it was a matter of Scott wanting it to be read left to right, well he did something better in panel three that solved that.

Two side notes -
1) I like the redesign of the PVP site as it is a much friendlier and easier site to navigate. I like that the twitter link is easier to get to, just because I use Scott's twitter to get to Renee Engstrom's twitter to see if she has a new comic up.

The one thing I had to chuckle at was that there is a "comment tab next to the comic and when I clicked on it it took me to the fan site sign up for $1.99 a month. I'm all for making money from the webcomic author but at least here at PVPMMS you can comment for free. So if you're a PVP-phile or hater or anyone in between leave your wallets in your pocket and come on down to this site!

2) One of our own posters, Jim Thorpe, has a webcomic called The Suckerboys.

While I agree that he is finding his way a bit I fully disagree with him that it is weak-azz. There is some great stuff there and it is kinda cool to see a webcomic start since we've only been commenting on a webcomic that's been established for nearly a decade.


Rent Boy said...

I had hoped there would be a special mention of the punchline. At least I found it hilarious, at least in my head. So maybe it depends on delivery.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

It was mentioned: "I'm sure that goes through the mind of everyone who sees a bike cop coming after them, even if they were only speeding"

Rdy said...

I think the thing I found funniest for the strip was the comic notes panel where SK mentions 'driving shotgun', whereas I think most people would either call it 'riding shotgun' or 'sat in the passenger seat while being driven somewhere by the wife'. :)

Not too sure about the site re-design. The main text seems too bright to me, like it's set on permanent 'bold'.

Rent Boy said...

I stand well corrected. That'll be the last time I skim.

Rdy said...

New Ding! is up. It's another lame duck.

R.W.McGee said...

I need a drum set so I can do a 'ba-dum-chssshhh' after each Ding! strip.

Anonymous said...


Rdy said...

Now there's a link you don't want to go all Freudian-slipping on while typing.

Anonymous said...

which is why I copy-pasted it.

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