Monday, February 2, 2009

So fuuulll of buffalo wing dip

. . . and because Rdy demanded it again.

Art - Solid and good again everything remains great and the detail is present in every frame.

However, you can tell the Mini is from a reference shot. Also, the trees look awkward as they are the only things without shading. Finally, some of the bottom front tire gets lost in the final frame, unless his tires are really flat.

Story - Not sure whether this is a one-off or an arc (if so how much mileage will this get?), but it was ok tody. Good current pop culture banter that makes no sense (like good pop culture banter should).

Btw to Rdy the joke is that the boys are in a parking lot going 12 mph in 10 mph zone (I think becuase where else has 10 mph speed limits?) and they are about to be pulled over by a bike cop. Now I saw someone get chased down at the Philly stadiums by a cop on foot after making an illegal right when he was directing traffic. I thought it was hilarious to be pulled over by someone on foot.

My guess is being pulled over is funnier when done by a: foot cop > bike cop > patrol car > Robocop.

My problem with today's strip is that you can't tell what the joke is supposed to be. From the outer shot of the car you can't tell whether it is a parking lot or street. You can clearly see the cop has him at 12 mph, but what the hell does it matter without knowing where he is at? The strip relied more on the title than anything else to explain the joke.


Jim Thorpe said...

Just one small complaint: Too much tracing lately.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

agreed, btw Jim whats the link to your comic again? I lost the link and I enjoyed the one where the guy killed the plant

Rdy said...

When I first saw the second frame, I wasn't even aware the vehicle was supposed to be moving. I figured they had just parked/arrived somewhere and were having a conversation. But the joke - that cops on bikes exist or that the cop over-reacts? Weak.

Jim Thorpe said...

man, Brett, going to make me post the link to my weak-azz comic after I criticized the webcomic master, lol.

I warn anyone who checks it out, I'm no strip hasn't found it's way yet...but I'm trying.

Rdy said...

"I warn anyone who checks it out, I'm no strip hasn't found it's way yet...but I'm trying."

Couldn't you just accuse us all of entitlement, throw a strop and shit all over some other successful comic artist? You'd be half-way there, then.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

@ Jim
Oh it's far from weak-azz. Like you said its finding it's way but there is some good potential there.

I did like the shading in the last comic and being engaged myself would you happen to share that advice? :)

Jim Thorpe said...

Thanks, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Kj said...

There's nothing funny about Robocop.

Rent Boy said...

I just want to say that todays (tomorrows?) punchline actually made me laugh. I haven't done that for PvP in a while.

Also, Jim, just a quick browse of your comic, I like the art. The new years comic had me giggling.

And to the rest, I'm not new, but anonymous posting was removed, so I had to get one of these newfangled things.

jessica said...

Wow! Just checked out your comic, Jim, it's looking great. Really, my ONLY critique would be that the art and the appearance of the characters seems to vary a bit from strip to strip... but at the same time, each slightly different style is quite appealing. Plus, funny jokes. Bookmark'd.

Jim Thorpe said...

"the art and the appearance of the characters seems to vary a bit from strip to strip"

Very true. I never sat down and created a model sheet for them. Think I'll be doing that today!

I keep getting influenced by all the other artists I've been seeing lately. I'm hoping it all meshes together to form my own style over time.

Thanks for the comments everyone, it helps to get feedback and motivate me to work harder.

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