Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Day Behind

Me and My Shadow

Art - No real complaints; backgrounds are good as you know each situation where the cop is spying on him and even the mitten hands were minimal

Story - Straight forward gag and the bike tire in the stall did make me chuckle.

Problem Solving

Art - Again very solid on the details but thankfully (because you know I only live for criticizing this strip) there are a few flaws. The cops radio loses it's color again. Also, Brent's body is copied and pasted in the four panels he is in.

It makes sense for the last three since time in those panels is only a few seconds, but you would think Brent would be waving an arm instead of both arms resting at his side in the first panel. The body language doesn't match the frustration/angst that he is expressing in that instance.

Story - Again straight forward comic: cop thinks Brent is bad then makes a less than stellar exit. Done well but I likes Monday's gag better.

PS - Thanks to whatever reader a few weeks ago shared this but a fun website to just explore is Alexa which shows internet traffic patterns. Just type in a website (from to and all the stats show up. Kind of cool to see day to day page views.


The Trouble said...

The second half of this story line has been terrific... including today's, which is just the sort of ridiculous premise that I enjoy.

Anonymous said...

My only criticism is that I am still left wondering if he is a real cop or a rent-a-cop. They act as if he is real, but brent says in an earlier strip that he is a rent a cop and the cop himself says that he was hired by the place of biz to enforce parking speeds.

Rdy said...

I think in 'Me and My Shadow', the first line dulls the "God as my witness," part of the punchline somewhat.

With problem solving, I would probably have put all the off-screen bubbles in the third frame rather than having them come after Brent delivers the joke, maybe made another cop reference - "Nice exit, Dirty Harry" or some other tough guy cop.

Rdy said...

And when I said 3rd frame, I meant the the 4th. Grrr.

Rdy said...

Oh come on! 'the the'? An error on a correction! *head hangs in shame*

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Rdy - 2:00 penalty for bad typing. Power Play for the other team!

Jim Thorpe said...

I like the storyline, just wondering if it would have been funnier not to have the cop appear in each frame, but maybe have his shadow in the window at the coffee shop - so we think maybe Brent is imagining some of the sightings?

The tire under the stall is brilliant, and kind of what I mean - a "did that really happen?" kind of thing.

Jai said...

It's a leprechaun!

Rdy said...

This turn in the story has me worried for Captain Tact.

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