Saturday, February 7, 2009

Evil Cop

Hey guys, normally I'm not that busy on weekends but I had work, a house warming, then a 21st birthday party yesterday, followed by 4 hours of work, a 1 year-old's birthday party (for my fiancee's cousin) and a date night today.

So let's get this post done!

Pushing it

Art - No real complaints about today (I know what has happened to PVPMMS!?): the background is better as we see there are trees, the Mini is still drawn well and the characters has no ridiculous flubs like a collar-arm.

The only thing wrong is the cop's glasses lost its color.

Story - Why is Cole leaning across both seats to talk to Brent and the officer? If Kurtz wanted him involved in the strip why not just put the officer and Brent on the other side of the car. Just save me the thought from Cole having to be that nosy he has to lean across two seats.

Also, here we see confusing from whether this officer is actually on-duty police or a rent-a-cop. In Philadelphia, a good amount of cops do add to their income by working as bouncers/security. However, they don't wear their gear when they do so. I would have changed his first line to: "The manager of this property complained about people speeding in his parking lot and I am patrolling here to enforce. . . " simple, the guy is still a cop without the confusing "I was hired" line, and it makes sense why he was there.

A couple easy changes would have made this a lot less convoluted

Uncivil Disobedience

Art - No real problems except I thoroughly dislike Cole's collar-arm.

Story - Well I dislike Brent over the last two strips and if that is what Kurtz was going for, it's a success. So the guy gets you for speeding, sure it's slow, but it's still speeding, and you want to report him. Ah gotta love that snark coming out.

However, the foreshadowing for the cop giving Brent a hard time is good, but does anyone think anything that funny will come out of it? I'm not really looking forward to that set of strips.

Oh and what did the cop do, scurry behind that tree when he was done talking to Brent? It's not like we know if they traveled down the road some more or are just getting of the car because this happens immediately after the previous strip where they are standing in a parking lot without any traveling. If I were Brent I would report him for that.


Cobolisdead said...

So here is a question for PVPMMS. If I join the PVP fan club, is the premium content the web comic on time?

Am I the only one tired of seeing him advertise for all this other stuff when he can't even keep up with PVP after cutting out two strips a week?

The Trouble said...

That's a fair question. It really comes down to how much having the fanclub detracts from the production of the strip. Assetbar is a self contained service, aside from doing the skins and some other sorts of things it probably doesn't take a lot of time away from producing the comic.

I expect that most of appeal and content of that site comes from the members interacting with each other and discussing the comic.

The thing to remember is that in order for PvP to exist at all it needs to support Kurtz financially and I expect that in the long run the effort to pay-out ratio is pretty good.

It is pretty frustrating when the strip isn't there in the morning, and then still isn't there around noon and then maybe shows up sometime in the afternoon. I think that's just the way he operates... if he cut back to three strips a week it'd still be the same deal.

Anonymous said...

@The Trouble

Yeah I think you're pretty right here. Am I the only one that his updates have remained about the same regardless if he was doing 5 days a week, 7, 7 with color on sunday, back to 7, back to 5, and now to 5 with grey tones.

Anonymous said...

"Am I the only one that sees*..."

Rdy said...

"Am I the only one tired of seeing him advertise for all this other stuff when he can't even keep up with PVP after cutting out two strips a week?"

Sometimes I have to wonder if it's the difference between a person visiting the site once for an on-time strip versus a person visiting the site four or five times a day for a strip that is frequently late. Probably looks great on paper when you're trying to attract advertising.

The Trouble said...

Oh it absolutely gets him more ad impressions/page views per day. I don't think it's intentional though.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Actually over the page views per viewer has gone down over the last 3 months

Even though i wonder where that spike came from? He was at the NY comicon

Here is our info, at least our page views per person went up. It's funny in the rank in other countries section only the United States is listed and the rank is much better than the main one.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Ah nevermind jsiebels pointed this out to me.

The spike probably was due to the fact that Penny Arcade linked to PVP when they were talking about the comicon

Reader said...

There's nothing wrong with the cop having been hired by the manager and still wear his uniform.

Most (all?) police departments, especially in major cities, offer PDO (Pay Duty Officer) services.

Basically, you hire cops to be cops. They show up at the agreed upon time and place, wearing their uniform, and help you with cop-like duties.

Film shoots use them a lot, as do construction sites, parades, and lots of other places.

Not only are PDOs supposed to wear their uniform, they are required to uphold the law just like on regular duty hours.

The Trouble said...

The traffic might be down a little overall in the last few months, but the sporadic posting of the strip is definitely nothing new. I can remember that being an issue well before the advent of the Halfpixel era, and that's been 2+ years now.

Anonymous said...

This rank thing is fascinating. I was going through my list and even though sites like PvPonline and Sluggy are much more notorious, the rank they have is much higher then something like Sinfest or Order of the Stick. And Sinfest updates every night like clockwork so its not a people checking alot through the day kinda thing. Google's rank is number 2 which makes me wonder who number 1 is.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo is number 1 today. Heh.

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