Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is there such a thing as Midget town?

Forgive my titles they are just as bad as some others

Small Talk

Art - Nothing really has changed since the last strip and the quality of the art stays at the same level, which is good. I did like the shadowing of "Matt's" (after the father from Little People Big World) face and overall emotion as it shows that slow burning pissed-off look he should be having at Francis

Story - It's an ok strip as Francis' reaction is what is should be as he is still the same immature kid he was before his change. I know a few small/little people as acquaintances and it's either this reaction or shear terror, which they just tend to laugh at.

By any other name

Art - Nitpick good - Francis' sleeves are good.
Nitpick bad - Mitten hands in panel 1 and 2
I noticed that in panel 4 Francis is standing with a gray background and looks a lot better than a stark white background for a soliloquy.

My biggest problem with the art of this strip is Cole. In panel 3 the shading of his right side of his face and body is off especially compared to his tie which doesn't have any shading. Also, throughout the strip the shading in that little area of his cheek makes it look like he's wearing war paint. Brent and Francis are shaded well and Cole looks like crap compared to them.

Story - My biggest question is: wasn't this a story about a bike cop? Yes I know this story telling device is common and I've seen it time and again in shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons. You start off in a common situation and move to the "wacky" sitations

The only problem is this "midget" storyline isn't that funny. Think about it:

First strip: 2/12: meeting the "midget", Brent, "... bigger" - Dud
Second strip: 2/13: Francis wide-eyed at "midget", "Look at you!" - mediocre
Third strip: 2/16: Francis and "midget" picture - decent
Fourth strip: today: Pro-midget - mediocre

The thing is I thought the second week (not first) of the bike cop strips were good and made me laugh for most of the week. I hope it's not another case of Scott getting bored and that he brings it back to a strong conclusion, but again I don't see where this goes

*Pulls up a lawn chair, eats some buffalo chicken and blue cheese Doritos and diet coke for the ending of this storyline*


rob-d said...

the fanflow thing has scott's entire layout of this storyline. I think it will be interesting to see if he sticks to it. I thought it had a pretty good ending.

A Nonny Mouse said...

I don't mind the forked direction. It adds a tiny bit of complexity, and nothing is really lost.

If the bike cop thing was dropped entirely because of this detour it would be completely absurd, but I don't think that's likely to happen.

Rdy said...

Well, he's already back. Yay?

"Trouble Brewing" - Never liked the bug-eyes SK gives some characters and the girl in the strip is a good example. It's probably made worse by the fact that in the first panel, she seems to be looking in two different directions.

And what is wrong with Brent's left arm in the 4th panel? It appears to be connected to his stomach, rather than his shoulder.

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