Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now it's going to far

Trouble Brewing (actually a pretty good pun)

Art - I, again, really like how the characters are drawn in this strip. Brent and Officer Vernon are again drawn well and I like the design of the coffee shop girl and the shading of her pigtails (or whatever that hair styles proper name is). Also, very good facial expression changes from Brent and the Coffee shop girl to convey their emotions (sorry watching Lie to Me, I think I'm an expert now)

The two things that bug me are the bug eyes of the Coffee shop girl and the continued shading of the small patch of cheek for the characters.

First off, I think I know what the problem is with the eyes, as the iris/pupil's lose their proportion to the rest of the eye from close up to when the "camera" is pulled back. Also, looking at other examples of BE Scott tends to draw his closeups with more oval/oblong pupils and his further away shots as more round. The rounder the eye I've seen the buggier the eyes look.

As for the shading, (as seen under the girl's eye in panel one and Brent's right eye in panel two) I don't know what facial feature the shading represents. If it is to show cheek bones shouldn't the top part near the eye be lighter, i.e. shining with MORE light, than the other parts of the eye? Also, when seen in a close-up in panel three the girl's face doesn't have that small patch of shading as she looks a hell of a lot better.

Story - Glad to have officer Vernon back and this strip shows just how diabolical he is taking away Brent's true love. Brent's flailing after he was told he wouldn't be served was great. However, the "who told you I was trouble?" question was telegrphed as I think we all knew who it would be, so the punchline fell flat.


Anonymous said...

I think that the punchline was that the cop was right there behind him.

Rdy said...

You'd hope the cop was 'drawn well' again, given that the bulk of him is just copy/pasted from the Feb 10th strip (as is Brent, the BG and the counter for that last panel). Not that I'm faulting SK for that - I expect a lot of time is saved by building a repertoire of character poses and using them again on a regular basis.

Nathan said...

I love how Brent's glasses are able to convey his panicked emotion.

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