Friday, February 27, 2009

Say Cheese

Say Cheese

Art - Again nothing majorly wrong but that should be expected because it is a head-on and profile shot of characters he has been drawing for years. I'm glad there is no eye shadow (shading not makeup).

However I did notice:
1) There is no height marker behind either character which is standard for any police station (since we did have a discussion about officers and their side jobs and differences in different areas). He could have even used grayscale for the lines to decrease the starkness of the lines.

2) Doesn't Francis still wear glasses? I looked at the three strips after he got the crap kicked out of him and he only has a black eye. If he didn't lose them, which is possible, then some sort of damage to them should be shown here (bent frame, broken glass, etc.)

Story - Again it is just head shots and I don't think the joke was a homerun . . . or a double . . . or even a single. Maybe a foul tip.

This is not a critique but a form of general advice to people: mugshots are cool when you are single, NOT when you are already in a relationship. I have a feeling that neither Jade nor Marcy will be letting anyone get laid for a while.


Chris Dunning said...

I think, and I could be wrong, that Francis lost his glasses when he "leveled up". You know, when he lost his virginity. Think they became contacts.

Chris Dunning said...

It's not specifically stated, but that looks to be the case.

Orchid64 said...
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The Trouble said...

What exactly are Francis and Brent being charged with?

Chris Dunning said...

Assault. Although, I don't think the officer really needed a reason.

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