Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watching My Name is Bruce . .

. . . in all it's cheesy glory.

Plea Bargaining

Art - Good to see that the little person (is he named?) is drawn more realistically and not comically. It is likely due to it being from a reference photo or friend, but at least it didn't devolve into something overtly offensive.

I'll continue stating my dislike for the shading for Brent's cheek and the mitten hands that make an appearance in panel 3. Also, Brent's forearms look weird in panel 1 because of the angle he's holding them. Seriously, try to get into that position with your hands and forearms, it's not anatomically comfortable. Having the elbows lower then the hands would have decreased the awkwardness of the drawing

Story - Nothing much to say here. This could have been keep with the other "small person" strips while the other "bike cop" strips could have been kept together to improve flow. My opinion though.

Didn't suck but wasn't great.

Big and Small Plans

Art - Nothing really special here as it is Brent and Francis again so it is in Kurtz's wheelhouse. The shading is better and less blotchy and no mitten hands!

I really like seeing inside Francis' sketchbook and shows that the character does have some talent.

Story - Well Scott likes his 70's/80's TV show references about two zany detectives that live on a boat. If there wasn't a Bulldog and Cooch it would have been funny but it seems like Francis is repeating a Scott idea and it's been seen before.

Like I said before I like seeing Francis' sketching and would really like to see an arc about him going to school. It would be nice to see a story without Brent/Cole involved as well to kinda freshen the strip up too. I think when Scott did the story where Skull was away with his new kids when he came back to the PVP universe it was nice to do so.

I wrestling terms even Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and the Rock had to be held out for a month or two so that fans don't get burned out on them. Seeing something outside of the PVP main universe using something people want to see (Francis' school, or even a Skull centric story) would be nice.


Nope said...

I think the idea being an obvious ripoff was part of the joke, myself. I honestly have yo wonder how you can provide actual, constructive criticism and your commenters just tell everyone how much they hate PvP.

A Nonny Mouse said...

I looked at the comments for the last few entries and couldn't find anybody saying anything about how much they hated PVP. There were even quite a few comments defending PVP against some of the points FSM MIII had made.

People usually only get abusive when Kurtz himself decides to rock on by. He just seems to have that kind of charisma- the kind with a large target painted on it.

R.W.McGee said...

I hated PvP. It alternates between being boring and being poorly written. Then I realized that a steady 24/7 diet of not going to the website made the hate go away!

Now I don't hate PvP anymore.

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