Tuesday, February 24, 2009


*Note* I forgot to publish this before I left work - very tired and busy here this time of year

Art - Starting off with the negative (it is PVPMMS after all). We see Brent's mitten hands in panel one but worse then that is Brent's hands in panel two. If they are meant to be hands clasped in worry well they aren't clasped at all and are just really a jumble of fingers (at least they're no mittens so there's that).

Also, I would have like to see the window in the background of Brent in the second panel because it just looks like a window appeared for Francis to travel through. It didn't have to be a fully rendered window, even a grayscale version would have shown he's next to something that wasn't a wall.

However, Francis traveling THROUGH the window and Brent's reaction was great. It showed good action especially with the "explosion" of glass and Francis covering his head gave it some good realism, instead of the cartoonish head breaks glass version he could have went with.

Story - The only complaint is that you had to find out until today (critique pending) to see what Francis had to say. I chuckled at not what was said by the characters but the strip represented a literal "midget toss". Yes I am weird.

PS - The note that went with the comic :
"I know that it’s a staple of movies and TV shows, but have you ever thought about how dangerous it must be to be hurled through a window?"

Um . . . ok. Shouldn't you KNOW that instead of think about it?


Rdy said...

"Say Cheese"

Maybe my brain isn't working right or there's something from past PvPs I've missed in the past but...

"Ottoman, F." - okay.
"Sienna, S." - 'S'?

A Nonny Mouse said...

Looks like he changed it to a B. Too bad, I had been hoping that it was a subtle hint at something else.

R.W.McGee said...

It's spelled 'peal of thunder' by the way, Scott. Not peel.

The Trouble said...
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