Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Domo Arigato

No Thanks, Mr Roboto

Art - Solid art all the way through, but that's to be expected with Brent, Cole, and Francis being the main focus. The computer is drawn well and the shading is done well like yesterday to show the glow from the monitor. Also, the large eyes are done well without being too cartoony with Francis' stare at the screen.

Story - I never saw Battlestar Galactica, not one episode either of the new series or the older series. However, I did not have a problem with this strip because the pop culture reference wasn't so inside baseball where you wouldn't get the joke.

Also, the punchline is done well going from the pop culture reference to something tangible in the real-life that most of us agree upon and can find funny. Nice Easter eggs as well as Southworth makes an appearance in the final panel; it is funny that marigold43 is a 12 year old gold on Stardoll (I'm sure it is another of his friends though :) )

Finally, you can hear Scott's voice in this strip (his twitter opinion is the same as Brent's) but I liked this better then other strips where that comes through more as it is less preachy *cough*teenpregnancy*cough*

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Jai said...

I wish the PVP cast always had shoulders.

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