Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm a Mac, I'm a PC, who the hell cares?

Hey guys,
Sorry about the updates, but I had one craptacular week, but enough about that and on to the update.


Art - For the first three panels of this comic the art is done well and, like I said before, with the set pieces he's drawn hundreds of times before, it is to be expected. However, the hands and phone are drawn well in these panels.

My complaints are though: Francis' hair is not shaded (see previous comic as he did it there), Brent's chin looks a little bigger or his mouth is a little higher than normal, and Cole's hair isn't colored in for all the panels, as he likely uses Just for Men.

The one thing I do have to say is the last panel is excellent and probably the best thing Scott has don't since Brent's girly run from the Doctor Who arc. His hand is drawn great and facial expression almost screams out the SKREEE noise without any assistance from the words.

Story - Kind of a straight ahead premise but uses the canon of PVP well. If you've been a fan/reader for a while, as I have, it plays on the history well. I guess if you are new you wouldn't know why Brent is upset, but I think you just get the gist that he is upset for a very strong reason.

I know the last panel is a reference to something in pop culture, but I have no idea any help anyone?

A Matter of Honor

Art - The first panel of this strip probably surpasses the last strip in the last comic in terms of quality. The detail of Brent's costumes is excellent as his tie, collar, coat, hat and wig are superior without the appearance of tracing/reference picture that you get with some higher detail pictures in PVP. If there is one complaint, it is that I've noticed with the higher detail stuff there is little to no incidence of shading which is inconsistent with the rest of the strips and even this comic.

I like how the quality of the costumes continue for the next 2 panels, with the addition of Cole as well, and I really liked the slap with the piff noise as that is dead-on for the sound the glove should make.

The last panel back in the PVP proper world/time is good as well as I like the detail on Cole's hand and the blackberry as well as Cole and Brent's expression as it continues the "emotion without words" that Scott has been going well lately. Also, no/little eye shadow.

Story - Continues the previous strip concept well and uses the time travel/different dimension aspect well to show how Cole and Brent's dispute would have been resolved in other times and is a nice concept.

Again if you just read the comic for the first time or within the last few months you still wouldn't know why Brent was mad (no character profiles don't count because you shouldnt have to read from a different source to get the concept of one strip), but that is a small complaint.

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TheOriginalJes said...


I'm a bit surprised that Francis' comment didn't warrant an immediate slap from Jade, given his maturing last year.

Otherwise, I thought the strip was tasteless and funny. Just what a web-comic should be.

Nice work.

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