Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hooray for Boobies!

All the Ladies in the House

Art - The overall art and detail of the characters is good and, unlike the last few strips, that is to be expected secondary to there is not that much detail.

However problems do creep up: Jade with Bug Eyes is in panel 1 and the girl's hair just appears off.

The front part of Jade's hair is good but the front part of Miranda's hair remains odd as I don't know what it is trying to emphasize. It does not really help to show that her hair falls at that spot and is just as distracting. Plus Jade's ponytail shading starts to creep up throughout the strip. If you look at panels 1, 3, and 5 the shading starts at nearer to the tip, goes 1/3 of the way up, and then ends nearly 1/2 of the way up without much head position difference.

Oh and Miranda's eye brow moves in front of her hair in the final panel, when it was placed behind it throughout the whole strip.

Story - A good concept and a nice return to the inner workings of them working back for the magazine. Francis does have a good idea in trying to get more hits with sexy and Miranda is the right way to go. Jade does provide some protest to this but I find that having her glare at either Francis or Miranda in the last panel would have done better to serve the joke then just having her stare blankly like she hadn't participated in the conversation

Good first strip in an arc and I wonder if Marcy will make an appearance. Overall it's a boob joke, but we haven't seen one in a while so I'm cool with it (everyone can breathe now)

Lewd Negotiations

Art - First off I think Francis looks great in this strip. His detail is great as his sleeve is done well and his facial expressions convey the emotions of the conversation well.

Also, the background is done well as it has enough detail to show they've moved to a kitchen area instead of a random grey hallway.

Now . . . to Miranda. The shading of her hair is better as the shading of the left side isn't purely one darker color of grey. Her hands, yes, they are mittens and fused fingers; I can forgive Francis' because the conversation and hand position match, but with the quality of last week even just separating the fingers a little would have helped.

Also if you notice, and it's hard not to, Miranda's cleavage goes from A LOT, to a little, back to a lot for no real reason. Her folded arms shouldn't cause he shirt to shift up that much

Story - I think this strip does a good job explaining, both with real life tech babes and the characters themselves, the motivation going into this arc.

The punchline, like other posters said, is a little too similar to yesterday's. While the rest of the joke was a good set-up something along the lines of "You've got the technical side, I've got these" with her pushing out her chest would have kept the breast theme going without repeating the word boob again. Even if he didn't use the word boob for the second consecutive day and used breast it would have been better.

Overall this is a middle strip and for me just expands on the original concept of the first strip.

I AM pro-boob, just change up the vernacular as there is a rich tapestry to explore when it comes to the tatas. :)

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