Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ye Olde Texting

History in the SMSing

Art - I love that art of this strip as this continues the high detail art from the previous strip throughout the whole of this strip. The costumes remain great throughout and doesn't seem to take a panel "off", the quill pen is drawn great in both positions and I like how the inkwell is included in panel one, and the little things like the piece of paper and the addition of a beauty mark for Brent rounds out the whole scene nicely.

And to all the people who complain that I religiously remain negative about "mitten hands" look at this strip. This strips drawing of hands in a variety of positions is done well, with great detail, and continues through the whole strip. The reason I complain because I know THIS is the quality you can get and it falls back to "mitten" hands sometimes. If it was never done before I'd chalk it up to a lack of skill in that department, but it's not, as seen by this strip

Story - As much as I love to art the story was very meh for me. I get that it is the whole "modern idea in a past setting" joke but it wasn't anything too special for me to bring it above things I've seen before. I don't know or have time to learn Leetspeak so the final panel has no meaning for me. I'm not saying it is horrible it just didn't hit me as funny (paintball and ceiling light were horrible)

Plus to me the comparison of texting to trading notes right next to each other isn't a good one. If the strip was Brent writing the note, a rider similar to Paul Revere rides all night to deliver something akin to the note in the strip, then the scene of explanation would have been more apt a correlation.

I'm not trying to write the strip, well because I'm not that funny :)


A Nonny Mouse said...

I like the implied assumption that the US is ahead of the UK in cellular phone technology, which is so very untrue. It was probably just done in that fashion because it was the most convenient way to portray the joke, but I can't force myself to overlook it.

Am I right that this is the first time that PVP has done the Rugrats (and other shows/comics) thing of slipping between real events and a fantasy reinterpretation of the real events? What do you think the probability of this becoming a new "thing" for PVP is?

rdy said...

Re: Lewd Negotiations

While I liked yesterday's strip, I think this one suffers from being basically the same joke.

TheOriginalJes said...

@ rdy -

True. But it's not like this is daily. I think it's the arc as a whole that should be more important.

In that sense it's like Garfield. Nobody really laughs at the daily. But, read 10 or 20 back-to-back in the book. That's when I can't help but laugh.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...


When you are reading 10-20 good you're so tired you can't but help to laugh?

Jocelyn said...

I don't think you need to know Leetspeak to get the last panel- "teh" is a very common misspelling of "the" when typing, to the point where it has become an accepted spelling of it online.

in questionable content (, the main character, Marten, sometimes wears a shirt that says "teh."

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Yes but I have never spoke it nor do I really want to. To me its not funny, that is why personally I find it unfunny, but if you know it, even minimally, it might have been better.

rdy said...

@TheOriginalJes - I don't really think "You're reading it wrong" should ever be a viable get-out for a daily webcomic. It is what it is and if anything, I think reading the two strips back-to-back would further emphasise how similar the joke is.

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