Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Five Times

Art - I did like the art in this strip due to the fact that Skull is drawn so well. His shading in the first 3 panels is great and the shading of the light coming into the dark bathroom(?) was great and showed how spooky the act of saying Candyman is. Also, the drawing of Skull in both the foreground and in the mirror is done well and Brent's facial reactions are done well for the role he takes in this strip

My problems are though: I don't know why Francis' was pushed into the 2nd panel as it just clutters the scene with someone who doesn't speak. Plus Brent's left hand has three fused fingers in panel 2 and the eye shading returns in panel 3.

Story - A clever little story and I like the story telling device of have the word handycam being so small as it can't be read/heard. This rings very true as little stuff like this you learn in your childhood can still scare the bejesus out of someone. (I still check the back of the car due to the "guy in the back of the car, guy flashing his high beams to warn the driver story)

I know that XKCD did something similar on Friday, because I read that strip as well. I have to give that strip a little bit higher rating but PVP's was done well too. Randall Munroe has a little higher level interpretation on things, and sometimes that leads to comics SAILING over my head, strips like Friday's were very clever.

Overall, solid strip of one-offs and probably the best week in a year. (HAHA the ceiling fell on his HEAD, he was changing the light bulb HAHA) Sorry had to get that out.


FistsOfTinsel said...

How weird is it that PVP and xkcd ( did a joke based on Bloody Mary on the same day? Is it just a Friday the 13th thing, a coincidence or something else?

R.W.McGee said...

When Friday the 13th is followed by the ides of March (pi day; 3.14) then craaaazy things start to happen!

Rdy said...

Funny thing is, there'll be people reading the strip that are actually younger than that reference. :)

TheOriginalJes said...
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TheOriginalJes said...

Aren't pi day and the Ides of March two different days?

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