Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Webcomics and such

Hey guys, while I wait for PVP to update:

WE HAVE A NEW DING!!! and it looks as if he's gone back to the old way of doing things. I guess "writing" with other people's stories didn't work out the way he wanted to because most of them were "you had to be there". I look forward to him succeeding though.

*Edit - Apparently Rdy said this last Friday. Here is the credit stop sulking! :)

Also, dont forget the webcomic of our friend and fellow poster Jim Thorpe: The Suckerboys. I believe Jim is doing a great job and that his strip, even though it's new, is very solid and funny more often then he probably thinks it is :)


Rdy said...

Mentioned this last friday... *sulks*

Jaap said...

Maaaaaaan. Scott is kind of outing his inner grandpa in the comic for monday (Special Moves).

Rdy said...

You're going to love the Tuesday 'remix' then.

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