Friday, March 13, 2009

Placeholder #9

Match Points

Art - The art in this strip is done well, especially the lines underneath Francis' eyes demonstrating the extent to which he went to get rid of the points. Also, the Francis' crying is done well and skirts being too over-the top well, without taking away from the strip.

The only thing missing is in the last frame when the frame of the picture, seen in frame one, should have been in the upper right corner for continuity and break the gray up a little.

Story - A nice little story for me since I am an Xbox and Xbox Live user. It is a little frustrating thing to use all the points in you account, even though I think Francis is taking it a little too far :).

I like A Nonny Mouse's idea of having the special avatar being a weird point value because 250 points is a more even number and easier to spend (especially is you are a Guitar Hero/Rock Band fan)

PS - I checked Alexa for the first time in a while and PVPMMS has had a nice little spike in page views. So thanks to everyone for that. To see that stats go here the weirdest part is apparently we are big in South Korea, but hey the more the merrier.

Remember Uncle Jesse was VERY big in Japan, so South Korea I think you! :)

PPS - To channel Peter Potamus - Jim Thorpe did you get that thing I sent you a week ago?


Vardulon said...

If the central joke of the strip is that Francis has had to work forever to find an item worth exactly the amount of points he has left, why doesn't the special gamer icon cost a really strange amount of money, ending with a two or seven or something? It's only starting all over again if he's going to have trouble getting back to zero, but how hard is it to get rid of 250 points?

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Hey Jim Thorpe
Say hi to Scott at Webcomics Weekend for us. Oh wait you may want to do that at the end so you get your moneys worth BEFORE being thrown out :)

Rdy said...

Nobody mentioned it (afaik) but new Ding! yesterday. It also looks like SK has ditched those utterly dire "you had to be there" stories (yay!) and has gone back to writing his own material.

Funnily, the comments contains a post from someone claiming to be SK with the lines...

"It's important to me that I become a part of this Crispy Gamer community and with you Ding readers. So expect Ding to be on time and for me to be in here more often."

On time? Coming after a five week 'pause', it'll be interesting to see how long that lasts.

R.W.McGee said...

Letting go of the user generated Ding! stories was a good call. Because they sucked.

Scott's on a bit of a role recently.

R.W.McGee said...


A Nonny Mouse said...

The weird point value thing wasn't my idea, unfortunately.

Scott really is on a bit of a roll. I think the Candyman strip was somewhat tepid (especially when XKCD did something clever with the Bloody Mary legend on the same day,) but it wasn't terrible.

Vardulon said...

Dude, my name doesn't have a mouse anywhere in it! It's not even a pun!

Jim Thorpe said...


Ya, don't think I'd like to tick him off by saying "the guys and gals a pvp makes me sad say hi"...He'd probably just curse me out. I like his work, and it's cool that he shares his knowledge with the webcomics community. I admire him for having a successful art career, and being able to do what he loves for a living.

Jim Thorpe said...

And I didn't get what you sent me! I think my spam filter is out of control. Unless I missed it, but I don't get many emails, so I doubt it.

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