Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guest Strip by Renee Engstrom


I love Renee Engstrom, that is all :)

Art - Anders loves Maria is one of my favorite webcomics so I was expecting some nudity, who knew that Cole would be the one with frontal?

I love Renee's flowing lines and overall coloring as she is, in my opinion, the best artist of the comics that I read.

Also, I liked the way she drew Francis as he was very Bohemian/shaggy looking and was a nice version of what Scott was trying to do.

Story - I liked the story as it played off well the "fun" loving side of PVP versus the responsibility that Cole has to deal with.

I actually like this type of relationship better as boss Cole makes more sense than dad figure/boss Cole when dealing with Francis. The latter to me tends to annoy because what right of it is his to spout off about Francis' sex life (College is fine, because he can be a mentor). In this strip Cole's reaction makes sense, is sympathetic, and is funny because most of us can understand where he is coming from.

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