Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Guest strip by Brad Guigar

Art - To me Scratch just looks odd throughout the strip and not in the "someone else is drawing him, different style way" He just looks like a cross between the normal Scratch with a heavy dose Stewie Griffin

I've read Evil Inc before and I'm just not a fan of the art style, personal preference more than actual quality

Story - A good little integration with the Evil Inc and PVP world, since Scratch is, well, Eeeevil. I think that Scratch is a little too wordy then what know of Scott's version. A nice little punchline, but nothing extraordinary.


R.W.McGee said...

The Guigar stuff is pretty mediocre compared to the quality of the other guest strips. He's basically just writing an additional strip of his own comic and inserting the most applicable PvP character (Scratch) which is sort of lazy in and of itself. A Max Powers meets Evil Inc. crossover could have been a lot more 'interesting.'

I don't want to be too critical, I mean, the guy is just doing Kurtz a favor...but it's sort of disappointing how uninspired his guest strips are after the previous ones were all pretty high quality.

Cobolisdead said...

I thought that the guest comics were good because it actually extends into PVP naturally since Scratch has been showing up at Evil Inc for years now.

I didn't like the first comic as the last two panels fell flat. also, the coloring is off from the normal Evil Inc style.

The second one is pretty neat though.

Jai said...

Guigar is definitely coming at the "guest strip" idea from a different angle. I like his strip and his art, though, so I don't want to give him any guff (Although I feel that McGee hit the nail on the head). His guest strips for PVP feel more like what Kurtz would come up with as guest strips for Evil Inc. They both just seem... sort of clumsy, as far as the PVP character goes? Second one is much better on that front, of course.

And, I forget -- is Scratch male or female? I was pretty sure that it's the latter, or at least that it used to be until Kurtz forgot?

TheOriginalJes said...

I had to read Friday's strip 3 times before I really got it. I don't know if that's bad on me or the strip.

But, I would have thought that Max Powers' off-spring would have been forever intertwined with Cole's bloodline, not Brent's...or is it?


Does Jade have some explaining to do in the future of PVP?

Cobolisdead said...

Scratch is male. Remember when he was in love with that female cat at the Cat show?

Jai said...

I remember that, but I thought that when Scratch was first introduced to the strip he was supposed to be a, uh, whatever the word for female cat is. A female cat.

Straub's guest strip was extremely confusing, because I was not expecting subtlety. But when I thought to compare Max Power's hair to Vanderbeam's hair, the joke became hilarious. The panda fan service bit in the middle is nice, and then it wraps up with a bit more of a subtle stretch than seems to fit with either preceding joke -- that Cutter, the one-eyed, is descended from Brent (No eyes... although that's the case less frequently) and Jade (Two eyes).

To wrap it all up, we have Kurtz talking about this new Starslip canon, while staying completely silent on what just got written into Max Powers' PVP canon -- that he's a DAD. Well, we can probably safely assume that both new factoids have so little to do with each strip as to be completely irrelevant outside of this one occasion, and so it doesn't matter if anyone considers them to be canon or not.

TheOriginalJes said...

Monday -

We actually see Brent's eyes. I suppose that this is supposed to be one of those subtle changes that marriage brings.

rdy said...

I'm a little confused as to why bother. It's nothing to do with the story, it doesn't particularly fit with the frame or situation and it (clearly) doesn't happen from-time-to-time. It looks awkward/forced.

R.W.McGee said...

And then PvP became 'Cathy'.

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