Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skinned Knees

Friendship is Rare: Part Four

Hey guys, so here is why I have sucked for about the last week (I know some of you may argue it has been longer then that):

Over the past week those changes in my life which I mentioned before: a) wedding b) house hunting c) thing that cannot be named, kind of all came to a head.

My Fiancee and I purchased a great house in Oxford, PA (where the Amish roam), we finally found the last piece of the wedding puzzle with a florist (flowers are HOW MUCH?!), and the thing that cannot be named came true and I am changing jobs at the end of the week. So life has been hectic to say the least.

I still check out the site and update the days so you guys can converse and I love checking in on them. Now that that life has settle down a little (closing is in August, Wedding in November, job change basically over) I'll do more updates so they can be disagreed with. :)

Also, Jim Thorpe from Suckerboys was nice enough to do an interview with me two weeks ago. I just have to polish it a little so it flows from conversation to actual interview and he is a great guy. I'll have it up by the weekend. Go read his comic it is great.

Stay safe from swine flu. It's gonna get ya!

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TheOriginalJes said...

You think your life has settled down.

But, do you remember the part in "The Perfect Storm" right before the big wave?

Congratulations on it all!! To you and your fiancee.

Jai said...

Your life is at the part where you're sitting in your car in the middle of a storm and it's finally gotten quiet, but then a T-Rex head descends from the above to stare you in the eye and roar. Exactly like Jurassic Park. And babies are like the frilled spitter dinosaurs that blind you!


Part 4: Skull has elephantitus in his left arm for the first panel, in general looks more awkwardly-put-together in his full-body shots than usual, but delivers good lines... until he starts in with the "we're gay for" bit. Not just because "friendshi-" is spelled "frienshi-", but because I can't bring myself to imagine that Skull talks the way SK does. Speaking of, it was lovely that SK pointed out that Zeus is operated by gay people to "prove" that it was a classy place. It's like pointing out that a pie was baked by a woman, so you *know* it'll be delicious and homemade. Which is to say, it doesn't genuinely mean anything of the sort and that makes it a bit awkward to see (Even if, in this case, it's a rather nice myth that I'm sure no one would mind being associated with). Overall, this strip is at least better than the previous two efforts.

The Trouble said...

This week is PvP at it's worst. It's not clever, it's uninspired and it's nothing we haven't seen a hundred times before.

Not to mention the world needs another punchline based around "gay for x" like it needs more local-news-swine-flu-scare stories.

I'd think after 2 weeks off, there would be something a little more interesting then this.

Jai said...

But it's in COLOR! Eh? Ehh? Yeah, though, other than that this is PVP in its most inane and boring state. Other than the coloring, I can't imagine how this week is representative of SK's regained enthusiasm for his strip.

Part 5:What on earth is wrong with playing XBox from an inflatable bouncy castle-thing (Geez, I feel like I should know a better term for it than that)? That sounds kind of awesome to me. Where's the joke? Is it that Skull has blocked the TV screen entirely with the bouncy-cage? Is it that his alternate suggestion of soda is only going to keep Francis from seeing the bouncy-romper for, at best, an additional five minutes?

You know, I'm not sure that I'd even know what the thing in the last panel was if it hadn't been colored. It's not drawn badly or anything, it's just such a close-up view that I think the colors are the only thing that identified it so well.

TheOriginalJes said...

That was a fast year.

Jai said...

Yeah, it was. Good thing, though, Forget Me Not is the best strip so far of this colored series (Speaking of, I'm very pleasantly surprised that it's gone on for longer than just the first week). Good details drawn in, solid joke... ahh, that's nice.

The Wolverine strip is weird. You can't really combine what you're seeing (The buckets of blood) with what you're hearing (Uh, I mean reading) and have it make much sense. I get the point, but I don't think having blood spray out of the TV to stain Francis' clothes is the best (Or even a good) way to make it. Blood spraying out of the TV is one thing -- a somewhat common cartoon depiction of what's going on in the turned-away screen -- but having those actually drench your characters while one of them seems to notice and one clearly does not is just bizarre. You can argue that the situation is going to be bizarre either way, but even cartoon logic needs to make a certain amount of sense to be followable.

TheOriginalJes said...

I have to disagree. I found it Pythonesque.

TheOriginalJes said...

But, outside of "gluing" all the copy paper together; the follow-up isn't all that good.

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