Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in the Groove

Friendship is Rare: Part Two
Friendship is Rare: Part Three

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Jai said...

Part 2: The third panel is missing Francis' microphone and headset cord, but otherwise it's drawn and colored very nicely. The humor is banal, however, and it's odd that both Skull and Francis recognize that quote as belonging on the box (I assume) of The Tuxedo. It would still be odd if only one of them did, such as Skull for having memorized everything on the cover of the movie he loves (Although, that's a bit less inexplicable). But Francis knowing the same thing is pretty weird.

Part 3: Wow, I don't get this strip at all. There are two things in it that I find utterly bizarre: Firstly, that "BFs" meaning "Best Friends" occurs to neither party. That's sort of what the "BF" in the more-popular use of "BFF" means, you know. Secondly, that Francis asks Skull if he's crying... for no apparent reason. Skull is obviously NOT crying, although his word balloon gets shaky in that same panel. So... yeah. What's going on?

Chris Dunning said...


I think the joke in part one is that this is a conversation they've had many times before. That's why Francis knows about the review.

TheOriginalJes said...

I think this whole arc (to-date) is pretty weak, since the whole pledge to get Skull back.

I hope SK isn't falling into the "Garfield"/"Peanuts" rut of re-hashing old humor due to lack of inspiration.

I don't expect every arc to be a masterpiece. But, I don't need a PVP's Greatest Hits Series, either.

Jai said...

@Chris Dunning

I would rather have seen the first time Skull tried to convince Francis to see The Tuxedo than the one-millionth time, then.

rdy said...


Mmmm, the 'BFs' thing threw me as well. Why would they both go with 'Boyfriends' as grammatically, it's clunky and wouldn't even really work in the context SK is painting for Francis' embarrassment.

It's another one of those round jokes for a square hole SK keeps trying to hammer in.

Chris Dunning said...

Okay, glad to hear it Jai.

I'm done here.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Well, the crying thing was obviously because Skull immediately started crying off-panel when Francis said they're not boyfriends. Haven't you ever nearly burst into tears and then immediately sucked it all back in again? Maybe I'll lose membership from the man club for admitting that I have, but I have. It's basically the same thing as crying because all the tears and stuff briefly pop out.

What seems weird to me, though, is that Skull would suddenly go around saying that they're boyfriends thinking that it simply means they're friends who were boys. Weren't they friends before? Weren't they boys before? It doesn't make sense that he was going around saying they're BFs with the intent of it meaning boyfriends. The only thing that has changed is that they're now (in Skull's mind) best friends. It's like the angle shifted halfway through the strip's creation from "tee hee, Skull thinks 'BF' means 'best friend'" to "tee hee, Skull doesn't understand the implication of the word 'boyfriend.'"

And, actually, I don't care. It's just weird.

R.W.McGee said...

Scott Kurtz: Still very uncomfortable with even vague implications of homosexuality.

I will also add my voice to the chorus of people confused as to why anybody would think BF means boyfriend and not Best Friend.

TheOriginalJes said...

I heard two announcements this morning.

1- Fort Worth School Districts close 140 schools this morning because of swine flu;

2- Scott Kurtz calls people from the Dallas/Fort Worth area out to Zeus Comics.

He hates shaking hands at conventions because of sickness. He even posted a comic on how to reverse-nod.

I don't see this going well for him...

...or his infections.

TheOriginalJes said...

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