Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cream in the Face


Art - A solid piece of art here, as I like the fact Skull is seen in his entirety. It is to be expected because it is a simpler piece with 3 characters, a couch, background, and shaving cream, but done well.

However, I do agree with those people that it is a cut and paste as the only discernable change is a small smile to small frown on Francis, Skull's body position, and the couch position. As a matter of change the art should have shown a) Francis starting to laugh at the backfire b) Brent starting to move backward because Skull hitting him in the face is with some force.

Story -


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my real problem with this strip was that Francis appears to be grinning when the prank is being commited, and then frowns when is f**ks up - given Francis' personality, I'd expect him to be grinning even more when Brent gets a faceful of shaving cream.

TheOriginalJes said...

This would be the perfect strip to copy/paste Cole's spit-take in the left-hand of panel 2 for a small running gag into these one-offs.

rdy said...

Don't particularly like this strip, even without the shoddy Francis. If I'd seen this sort of thing on one of those duff old viewer home-video shows, I'd swear it was a set-up because it looks too awkward for a natural reaction/movement.

No, this is a low like the light collapsing. Hoho, Brent is picking on Skull but whoah, he's the one who got it in the end! Yeah... it's ropey and predictable. Francis being there is essentially pointless and given how little effort SK put into it, he shouldn't have bothered.

Jai said...

It's not as bad as the collapsed light fixture -- for instance, I could easily tell what the hell was going on in this strip, as opposed to that one. It's still not good, though. So you have a point. Why do neither Brent nor Francis have ANY reaction in the second panel? Ok, so Francis does, but it's so incredibly minute that I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out three times here. It doesn't even register as a reaction now that I can see it. And Skull's butt somehow swells to a new clumsy gargantuan proportion for the second panel. And he has a pretty bad balloon arm in the first. Nice couch and whipped cream, though!

I'm sad that Skull's gaming fez now no longer has the ability to cover the top of his head so completely that you can't see his eyes.

rdy said...

"I'm sad that Skull's gaming fez now no longer has the ability to cover the top of his head so completely that you can't see his eyes."I guess since SK puts bugger all expression in the character's mouths (relying on the awful apparently multi-purpose letter-slot mouths), he has to have Skull emoting elsewhere.

I think the funniest thing about that prank strip is the fact that despite all the copy/pasting going off in it, the shading on the sofa changes between the two panels. Why...?

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