Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Give me your clothes!

Fight the Future

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Btw I have been kicking the idea of revealing the identity of FSM. He did reveal it to me when I asked him to put me on the registry to post on this site. I think it is the one source of tantalizing information to keeps some people coming back *cough**cough*. And I think we all realized it is better when that person is not around.

Anyway if that person is willing to email me at sage2153@hotmail.com saying he is interested in the information I will reveal the identity over the weekend.

And who says I can't tease things?


R.W.McGee said...

FSM said it was OK, I hope? You need to be careful handing out this info...Kurtz might carpet-bomb his house with leftover copies of 'Truth Justin and the American Way.'

A Nonny Mouse said...

You mean he's actually a somebody whose name people would recognise? That's a little disappointing, actually.

But yeah, I hope you're not just deciding to reveal this information without permission because that would be a breach of trust. Not in a legal sense, obviously, just in fact.

rdy said...

So, the point of pandering to SK's childish witchhunt is...?

TheOriginalJes said...
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TheOriginalJes said...

A Webcomics Weekly about productivity...from Scott Kurtz?

Anonymous said...

yayyy copy and paste.

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