Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Nothing!


Art - I really liked the Jade's facial expressions throughout this strip especially in the first panel with the pouting face. It is something novel at least in the recent past and the faces stay strong throughout especially with the "glee!" face. Also, I am appreciative that none include the bug-eyes.

Also, with the sampling of this week where two of the strips were shaded (Mon, Wed) versus not (Tues, Thurs, Friday) I am a fan of the non-shaded version of his colored strips. The shading tends to distract the eye and unless the situation calls, like Francis/Brent in a dark room playing video games, I would rather see no shading.

Finally, I like the backgrounds, simple and effective.

As for nitpicks the line separating the back part of Jade's head disappears in the first panel, leaving more of an orange blob. Jade's clapsed hands in panel four is less detailed then panel 5, also turning blob-ish. Finally, Jade's bottom lip in panel 5 is bigger and apeears to get bigger from panels 3 - 5.

Story - A cute little premise but to me it is just preachy. The line "Most people need to set aside a special day to remind each other how important their marriage is. We DON'T." takes it from an idea to get around their memory problems to something about how they find their relationship better. Plus Scott saying they do it too in real life and the voice APPEARS pompous

Also, to make an argument against Brent/Scott in this panel anniversaries are a special day set aside to SHOW/reflect and not remind each other how important their marriage is. I don't have to be reminded how important my relationship is with my fiancee I can look at that throughout the years and see that, but the anniversary day is a day where you can take a time out (and likely more worthwhile then an arbitrary day like Valentine's) to give presents/spend time/ take a day to go over the last year/entirety of the relationship.

I do admit, however, as a story-telling device, it is clever as Scott himself doesn't have to deal with his detail oriented fans that call him on Brent/Jade's anniversary (By the way GASP! people question a detail of Scott's story telling and he doesn't come down on them? Nope he does a whole week of comics to shut them up.)


Anonymous said...

Ah the font snob made me so happy. I actually saw papyrus in the last frame before i started reading it and thought "come on kurtz you're better than that."

Chrysee said...

ohmygod I do that all the time too, I'm sad to admit. Whenever I spot a business using Papyrus in its logo I throw a fit and my husband thinks I'm crazy.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Well, it's just a font. It's not like they misused or omitted an apostrophe.

Does the "crying in Star Trek" comic spoil a line from the end of the movie? I don't intend to see the movie, but WHERE WAS THE SPOILER WARNING??! (That was just in jest- I doubt it was a significant line.)

Chris Dunning said...

The art today is exceptional, and while the line itself isn't a spoiler, telling you who delivered it would be.

Anonymous said...

i would rather never see another apostrophe again than to see papyrus, comic sans, broadway, joker man, curlz mt etc etc

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