Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What you gonna cry now? Cry baby, cry!

Human Emotion

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Story -

Btw Anders Love Maria is back, and I only mention because it is my favorite webcomic from an art standpoint and it downright beautiful on most occasions.


TheOriginalJes said...

Continuity Error...does not compute...if cat fades, Troll shouldn't


birdman said...

So, due to the nature of small laptop screen + Google reader, I first read the comic with the last panel omitted. It actually worked really well with the joke, probably better than the comic as intended. I guess all I'm trying to say is, the final panel was unnecessary.

Jai said...

A more obvious fade on Scratch 2 would have been nice.

And I'm surprised that Skull would even know what a "normal cat" is. I like this strip a bit better if I pretend that Skull didn't see anything going on and had nothing to say.

kurtz said...

Booted up an old laptop and the link to pvpmakesmesad was in my browser on it.

Thought I would check it out to see what was going on over here.

Now that the site is so dead and on it's last leg, any chance someone might reveal who fake scott mccloud was?

Our bet is on "nobody" meaning, "nobody we know" as opposed to someone we might know from webcomics.

Anyway, just thought I would ask. I won't be checking back here, but FSM knows what email address to contact me at.

Just curious is all.

Peace guys!

Jaap said...

I think it's really cute how you have to explain why you're here and be all "yeah so my old laptop still had the link so i totally wasnt thinking about this place it was a total accident but now that i'm here"

TheOriginalJes said...

@ birdman,

That was my first thought, too. But, then it made me think that the joke would be sort of open-ended.

The last panel is necessary to show a continuity, as well as a punch-line.

But, I'm one of those nitpickers with a special love for temporal mechanics. So, for me, it flopped.

R.W.McGee said...

Anyway, just thought I would ask. I won't be checking back here

Nobody believes that, Scott. As far as websites dedicated to PvP, this is the only game in town. You will be back.

And if this site dies, frankly, it says more about an ongoing lack of interest in your strip than anything.

Jai said...

It should probably also be noted that "Why can't I just have a normal cat" is a classic over-used Garfield (Or, if you change "cat" to "dog", Marmeduke) punchline. So there's another reason to not bother using it.

rdy said...

"I won't be checking back here"Shall we add that to the pile of other times you've made such a claim. Anyway, it's nice to know you're still fixated on the site and it's people. We'll try to keep returning the favour.

TheOriginalJes said...

I just got it the punchline.

...and all it took was time.

TheOriginalJes said...

(It's still an incorrect premise)

Tilde said...

FSM is one of these:

1) The real Scott McCloud
2) Christopher Straub
3) Tim Buckley
4) Larlar

Make your pick.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

5) Ric Flair
6) Rahm Emanuel
7) Doc Nickel
8) One of the animator's on his cartoon

Sorry I wanted to give more options for people :)

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