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Look at yourself in the mirror

Takes One to Know One
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Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

From originaljes
Takes One To Know One - I wasn't impressed at first. But the more I read it, the more that last panel really pushes through with it's many layers.

Layers, as I see them -

1- A portrait view, with good expression (utilizing the latest in Magoo eyes), which conveys exactly how Robbie describes himself;

2- A poignant title that didn't give away the punchline, yet has it's own double entendre;

3- The possibility that Robbie may now truly understand what Jase had been trying to tell him 6+/- strips ago.

In regards to Magoo - The last panel has some really good shading and linework for Robbie's eyes. And since his eyes are open in panels 1 & 2, there's an available direct comparison to really highlight how Robbie feels.

But, I'm sure he'll get over all of that really fast. Considering that Robbie seemed to be quite content with who he is during the aftermath of Brent and Jade's wedding.

Either this strip was prepared well in advance of yesterday, or a nerd fight really brings out the talent. IMHO.

TheOriginalJes said...

Thanks for the re-post, Sage.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

It's not problem. I was glad to have a review up before I got home (I'm off to home now, Ill see ya guys ina little bit)

A Nonny Mouse said...

This comic is testing through the roof!

Jai said...

For starters, it's odd that Jase's line from the previous strip ("It's testing through the roof") is reused by another character (And essentially in the very next panel -- Jase used the line in the last panel of the previous comic and it's used here in the first panel).

Then we have Max's strange trust in Robbie's ability to develop more of these "lagurts", when Robbie only accidentally made one in the first place (And, trust me, beer is not that hard to get wrong). Moreover, Robbie doesn't seem to be so sure that he will ever be able to make good beer like he's dreamed, so I'm not sure why... you know what, who cares? This one can slide. Max is just being a bit too optimistic, I'd say.

Max, have you been eating your spinach? You've got some subtle Popeye forearms going on! Not in the "balloons for forearms" way, but in the "upper arms are tiny and forearms are as thick as trees" way. He's looking a little like a lumberjack... oh man, I want to see Max with a beard!

Robbie's tirade against the first guy feels out of place, because when I hear "handsome douche who thinks he's a ladykiller" I don't think "guy who just wants to get wasted and doesn't care about good beer". As an introduction to Robbie lashing out at the people he sees, the handsome douche was a poor start (But the other two work pretty well).

The last panel needlessly stops using the same POV as the preceding two (Behind Robbie's head) -- if it had been used it again (Seriously, just put the same shot of Robbie into the last panel and it's golden), the line "That's a mirror, Robbie" that some pointing-out-the-obvious insensitive wiseass is using could have gone unspoken. And "unspoken" is what it almost needed to be -- it's such a dumb-yet-overused "comedic" line.

As a final thought, I find it really funny that the one-way-mirror room has a REAL mirror in it as well. Or does it? I think Max has been in a third room, spying through a one-way mirror into Jase and Robbie's room where they're watching the frat guys through another one-way mirror. This also (Ta-da!) explains how Max was able to repeat Jase's exact words, and fits right in with how Max has always felt like some sort of a supervillain. :)

A Nonny Mouse said...

You're right, I think the last panel really could have worked better if we had seen him staring into a reflection instead of being told he was staring into a reflection. The only problem is that it might have been difficult to clearly indicate that he was no longer looking through the window, and we could have been left with an odd period of confusion as we wondered why a doppelganger was standing in the next room.

TheOriginalJes said...

@ Jai -

"it's testing through the roof" - (just playing Devil's Advocate here)

I think I've heard that line used a lot in movies and commercials. It may actually be a common enough phrase to be natural to both characters.

But, yes, I do agree with you that it could have been changed here.

the mirror - That didn't even occur to me. Nice catch.

I had just assumed that he was looking at the one-way glass and seeing his own faint reflection.

Popeye arms - There's a definite lack of shoulder definition leading to that effect. But, that's indicative of most of the characters in PVP. Many geeks have poorly developed shoulders in reality, so I just always felt it worked. Sort of like George Jetson.

More layers since yesterday -

4- Robbie sees his appearance as an ex-jock? Does 20 years of Madden qualify as athletics?

5- The nose on the Frat-boy left me puzzled until I realized the correlation: Belushi. He kinda looks like Belushi. If that was intentional, then points should go to Scott for the subtle reference to the All-Time #1 Guy Flick ever.

rdy said...

Yeah, I thought it was subtle - just by the outfit and character design until "TOTKO"'s line about togas then it just seemed like trying to drive the connection home from props.

What stuck me as odd, at first glance, was how the bubble for Robbie's line in the first panel is open. Usually, that means it's a continuation of the previous person speaking so despite it's own 'tail', that's how it read for a second (and didn't make much sense).

TheOriginalJes said...

One last nit, then I'm done for this strip.

Jase's lips in panel 1 have got to go.

TheOriginalJes said...

Last Call -

story -

I would definitely have preferred to see the arc hang with Takes One To Know One.

There's a lot of story potential within the "in-between" areas of the strip. To see Robbie give up (as many probably expected) so soon makes him look like a pathetic cry-baby, rather than a tragic hero bested by circumstance.

I'm not saying it isn't a good strip. I just feel the placement of it (or abruptness, if you will) ruined what could have been a good cadence to this arc.

As a suggestion, I would have inserted an 8 panel strip of various scenes during product development or R&D testing, similar to the strip of Skull with that boy he hated. That would have given a better sense of elapsed time.

Unless, the author wanted to punk-out his character. In that respect, who am I to say?

dialogue -

I thought it was solid. My only personal preference would be to spell "Hiene" with a second 'i' (Hieni or Hienie), just so it doesn't appear to be silent.

Art - (my weakest subject) All suggestions made from here are just how I envision what SK's putting out there.

Panel 1 - The general gloom at the mansion would have been better served if not obscured by the lower text bubble. I would have moved it to the left where the tree-line and roof meet. Certainly, I would have paid special attention to the detail of the 2nd story balconies because of that.

Panels 2 - 4 - I felt they were well done. I use the word "felt" because that's all I'm qualified for.

However, I would have made some re-arrangements of the text bubbles to accommodate changes to panel 5.

First, I would move Robbie's bubble to the bottom right of panel 3, with the tail still leading to his mouth in panel 4.

Then, I would have moved Butler's panel 5 bubble to panel 4. This would lead to...

Panel 5 - With Butler's text out of the way, I would think I'd prefer to see the walls shaded with a fade to black starting from the white glow of the TV, and extending in fading rays of light.

I'd also leave everything else in place; Robbie's text bubble, the couch, Robbie, and the room in general.

I think that would have been a monumental "frame" for the disappointment/despair Robbie's feeling at the moment, while using the text itself in the middle for it's well-purposed irony.

I'd probably brighten up the color of the couch just a little in all frames, to help maintain a little light-heartedness throughout. Mostly because this isn't a definitive end to Robbies role with the brewery, unless he makes it so.

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