Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nipples are fixed in place and do not move around much less into the bloodstream.

I've said this before, but I'll try a new metaphor this time: We got 100 appetizers but no meal. (Man Down)

This is our paintball storyline? If it's not the end, it's certainly an event that should have been saved until the end. I'm not even going to bother spelling out why this sucks.

Ok, I'll spell it out a little: It sucks because while spending two weeks setting up paintball, we were introduced to all the characters who were going to be playing, why they wanted to play, what they were looking forward to, etc. Did we get to see any of it? No.

I would have liked to see Francis take one from Marcie and whine like a little girl. It would have been nice to see any of Miranda's l33t skilllz. Skull would have obviously scored an own-goal by taking out Cole before Cole could take out Max. (I give it 4:1 that Cole shoots Max in the back tomorrow while everyone quits the game to head to the hospital.)

One minor art complaint:

Why is Red looking up? It looks wrong. I'm going to guess that Kurtz originally drew the panel with Cole leaning over Red, but the script (and balloons) forced him to make a change, and he didn't adjust the art. Just a guess. (The thin lines used for Cole support this, as if he was scaled down.)

Update: This is bull and I admit it -- I didn't notice that the second character in the first panel wasn't Cole, so it makes sense for the character to be looking in the direction he is.

As for the nipple issue, Cole said exactly what I wanted to say, which does not mean the strip is any better for it:

I'm going to guess that this is an idea that Scott, and perhaps a pal, while getting their drink on, had a bit of a giggle about, but which I have to label with a big giant FAIL. (Which coincidentally rhymes with FLAIL, which is good because I'm about to get all googly-eyed here for a sec...)

A dislocated nipple? WTF? WTFBBQ? Seriously. This is not even remotely funny. This is the kind of gag that Penny Arcade could get away with, but only because there is no continuity between their strips. In PVP this means we're going to have to live with the aftermath, the bandages, perhaps a nipple transplant from an unwilling troll donor, and, as unappealing as that sounds, it would be worse if we didn't get it. Because then the entire arc would have been for nothing.

I know I know, PVP is not real life. But the PVP world has been established as being close enough to the real world that we expect it to obey certain rules. Those rules mean that bizarre things can happen, but those things are panda attacks and midget trolls, not nipples floating unsupported in blood vessels threatening a dreaded Nipple Stroke, a cruel fate which did not kill 1 in 10 paintball players last year.


fox said...

I couldnt have said it better myself. I cannot believe he ended it like this. I can't imagine them carrying on after Brent's gone to the hospital thanks to Miranda.

Like FSM said, you can see what Scott tried to do to make it funny, but it really didnt work and rather than laughing my ass off I'm thinking "WTF? Is that it? All this build up for this to happen?

I'm really disappointed in you Scott, I demand you come on here and apologise for ruining what could have been a good story arc.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about - I LoLed at this strip!

- Ben

Gensek said...

After reading the said comic, I immediately was reminded of this page:

The absurd can become reasonable to the reader if someone in the comic points out that it is absurd to them as well.

The problem was that this cliche wasn't even pulled off right. Cole should have immediately and explicitly indicated that "nipple dislocation" was absurd in the second panel. Waiting in the until the fourth panel left time for the reader (at least in my case) to start entertaining the concept that nipple dislocation could be real in the PVP universe. But then Cole refutes that idea. Then Brent goes to the hospital. In all, I was just confused by this comic.

For a better comic, I suggest moving Cole's line from the 4th panel into the 2nd panel, and then making Cole's line in the 4th panel simply be "What?"

Anonymous said...

I am now slightly embarrassed that I found this post by googling "dislocated nipple" hoping to find out more information about this scary medical condition

Scott said...

FSM, you're a cock.

It's funny, asshole. Dislocated nipple, floating nipple. It's funny because it's impossible you twit.

Trust me when I say that had I drug this out with every encounter between each player, you would have some bullshit to spin about how it was done wrong.

By the way, Doc was looking up past Cole at Red. It's called panel comprehension.

I'm getting more and more done with this site every day.

Sage said...

Ha, while I agree that if it had dragged out further there would have been more complaints, I dont really know the reason for the 2 curses in the first 7 words.

Scott you linked it here, I come here because I find, for the most part, that the conversation is mostly intelligent, and you can discuss why the strip did or did not work.

I did laugh at the strip because it was absurd and couldnt happen in real life (even though nipples could be torn off, ouch!) The future striff between Jade and Brent could be intersting as well. Also, the eye position makes sense, i looked back at the strip,

You sent us here because you thought it was a place for constructive criticism. I believe for the most part that TFSM has done that, but mostly on the megative send (the criticism part of what you were looking for) If you bristle at the comments that he makes either dont look at it or dont respond because frankly you look worse for responding the way you did. If you had come on and discussed and pointed out the eye level complaint and the absurdity of it you would have looked great, but now you look more of an ass.

You are dangerously close to acting like an athlete or writer who yells at critics because "you've never done what i've done" That just turns people off because its not like the internet doesnt have millions of other options than your strip

That is, of course, that Scott the poster is the true scott kurtz :)

Sage said...

Yes TFSM went over the edge, but you went over to join him

Anonymous said...

I've been reading PVP for a long time, and it really has gone downhill, but this is my firs time seeing this site.

I saw Scott's comment, and if it is indeed the Scott, I found your reply to childish. You start calling names and saying its funny because you said it is.

People are going to have different opinions, and you're going to attack them for it.

I don't think its funny. Am I a cock?

Sage said...

you guys are going to be so pissed at how this turns out.
My anger is righteous.

That is a post by Kurtz on his own site. So I'm sure its him. Thats why I dont understand the reaction, he knew that the ending wouldnt be liked by everyone. I would be mad if the person misrepresented the art (which TFSM did update) but the humor part is subjective I liked it others didn't not everyone is a cock

Fake Scott McCloud said...

@Scott -- you deserve a response.

My complaint about the sightlines in panel two are completely off base, I admit -- I didn't notice that the second character in panel one wasn't Cole. I've struck out that part of the post.

"It's funny because it's impossible..."

If that's your rationale for what constitutes funny, then it's no wonder so many readers are dissatisfied with the quality of your writing. The mere fact of impossibility does not make something funny.

In case you didn't understand that I got the joke and that the title of my post was sarcastic... I got the joke, and I'm sorry, but it was told poorly.

"Trust me when I say that had I drug this out with every encounter between each player, you would have some bullshit to spin about how it was done wrong."

That may or may not be true, but I wouldn't have thought the story incomplete. Why did you set up the paintball match so elaborately if you had no intention of spending any time with it?

I don't expect answers, I'm just explaining my thought process.

fox said...

Oh dear Scott :(, you really don't need to respond like that.

It really can't do you any good coming here. I'm sure Kris and the others have told you to just forget about this blog.

I guess my main complaint is that it ended so abruptly. I would have liked a few more strips of them playing before you ended it.

Julia said...

Wow. Methinks Scott may be so upset because he knows you are right. This whole paintball storyline sucked, and today's was a horrible ending. It wasn't funny at all. Maybe if it was a character that one would expect not to know anything it could be somewhat funny, but aren't the instructors supposed to have some sort of training and knowledge?

Sorry, Scott, but you are definitely in the wrong here.

evan said...

I'd like to point out that this is one place where people can come to talk about the strip, and post intelligent opinions with reason backing them up. In this space, the people who post without reason, just saying it sucks with no backing or that Scott is fat, are the ones that the community as a whole rejects.

This last strip was not funny. Just because it can't happen in real life does not make it funny. Maybe the joke could have been made funny, but it wasn't. The ambulance gag just doesn't cut it.

In this post, Scott is the only person spewing forth venom. Everyone else is having a discussion on the merits of the current strip and storyline.

Scott: seriously, if you can't handle the honest criticism this site has to offer then don't read it. I'm with you on being frustrated when bloggers just post "this sux" "Scott sux" "Scott's fat" etc. But that is not what is happening here.

As for the storyline, this was not a good ending to it. If you feel that showing the events of the paintball match in more detail would have made the storyline too drawn out, then maybe this wasn't the right story for you to have told. As it stands, you spent a long time setting up a story that never occurred. This is the sort of thing they teach you in college level Creative Writing courses--choosing the right story to tell.

Maybe, to you, the joke is that you spent so much time setting this up and then something that is fake and stupid brought it to a hault, but that doesn't work for me and it doesn't seem to have worked for the rest of the contributers to this community. We have our opinions and our reasons, and we're putting them forth calmly and intelligently, and then you come in spewing curse words because we don't like what you have done.

This is all assuming that the poster is really SK, and that he was writing seriously as opposed to coming in here and thinking that his post in here was lighthearted and funny as well. If that's the case, then, much like today's strip, the comedic effect was poorly executed.

Anonymous said...

sage: Scott you linked it here, I come here because I find, for the most part, that the conversation is mostly intelligent, and you can discuss why the strip did or did not work.

I think Scott is starting to regret linking to this blog and making it popular. Heaven knows why he did it but I'm glad he did as I enjoy reading what FSM has to say about the strips. He's always spot on with his critiques and I think that's what bothers Scott the most.

It's a pity Scott is now resorting to personal attacks, I hope FSM can brush it off and be the bigger man here.

Shivan (Shy-Vin) said...

I have been following PvP for a while now, and I have seen the ups and downs of the strip. Scott, you definitely have talent, but the way you presented yourself today quite literally turns me off. You act like a spoiled kid, you resorted to name-calling and your only defense for the strip not being funny was "it's funny because it's impossible"? Your post seems completely out of anger, it fails to be mature in any way.

The sad truth of the story is I want to stand up for you Scott, I want to say FSM is wrong because of my admiration, but I'm finding it harder and harder. I'm not alone in the thought that this whole arc storyline has been slaughtered. And the build-up, albeit long, had me really amped. I kept convincing myself that this would be your time to shine because you have recently been stepping up the game.

Your strip aside, you had no right to attack FSM the way you did. Your whole response nearly sickens me because I never would have imagined you to react that way.

Back to the strip - You state that you ran all the possibilities for interaction between characters in your head and that there was nothing else.... This is the laziest thing I have ever heard. I was so amped for this storyline that even I myself sat down and made out the possible team choices in my head, I thought of several cool interactions you could have had. Hell, if this is the end of the arc what happened to Reggie? Why introduce him as a player and then have him never show up?

This arc storyline was a branch out for you, it was a new venue with thousands of possibilities. Don't tell me you thought of them all. You certainly didn't.

Scott, when you focus on something wonderful things come from it. Why do you update PvP seven days a week? Lighten the work load a little. Concentrate and focus and I am positive you will make fantastic strips. That is why I love PvP. I can easily spot a script you poured your heart into compared to one you rushed out.


Anonymous said...

"...I hope FSM can brush it off and be the bigger man here."

Okay, okay, okay...


Who wants to run with this one? I mean, I am oh-so-tempted, but it's just too obvious of a joke.

fox said...

A good post Steven

I believe Scott mentioned in a blog post that he left Reggie out because of feedback he received. :S

Which brings us to an important question... Should you let your audience influence your strips?

Scott said...

God damn, that wasn't me.

That was a friend of mine posting here on my god damned laptop. I told him not to write anything mean.

Look. It's a silly joke. So here's where it came from:

People in my forums were bitching that I get to the paintball already. And then someone suggested I truncate it on purpose to teach the whiners. So Kris and I came up with dislocated nipple. It's silly, but I love it. It made me laugh so hard.

Reggie is off the field because some fans who helped me with the Paintball terms made me promise to show proper safety.

Then Doc over at Whiteboard told me they let blind people play all the time. Oh well. I tried.

Glad you like Ding!

Sorry about my asshole friend. He won't be posting on this site again under MY name.


Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sage said...

Like I said I laughed at it because it was a ridculous premise. I hope you dont let that friend back on again scott, he made you look like an asshole

Also, dont change anything solely based on the opinion of people emailing you, for as you see you can't please all the people all the time. . .

Now on to the task at hand. Do you think Jade is going to have to buy and Apple store to make up for the fact she took out Brent's Nipple?

evan said...

The main problem here is the huge setup and no real resolution. If you truly want to change the direction you planned on taking--if you feel that putting Reggie on the field would present a real safety risk to impressionable readers (which is a fine stance to take) then make a strip out of it. it it's introduced, it needs to be resolved.

There's a principle in the creative writing world called Chekhov's Gun.'s_gun

Basically, if you introduce a gun in the first act, it better be fired by act three. Introducing unnecessary or undeveloped elements into a story is sloppy storytelling.

It's important to keep this in mind when crafting the overarching storyline in order to choose the right "moments" to be put in strip form.

R.W.McGee said...

Yeah, I bet it was your 'asshole friend.' Sorry, this was just a terrible and lazy ending to what was actually a decent setup...and dislocated nipple??? What??? How is that funny at all, I don't mind low-brow humor, but it has to make SOME fucking sense. I give up. You need a Tycho to your can clearly draw, you just need to find a writer.

Fake Scott McCloud said...

Chekhov's Gun is a brilliant reference.

Scott said...

My friend goes nuts reading this stuff. He gets angry. It's hard for him to get why a site like this has any merit. He thought he was defending me.

So look. I get a lot that I abandon storylines. The thing is, I look ahead and think of possible more strips. If none of them are super-funny, why do them? Just to say I finished?

Does anyone really care if Marcy shot Francis or vice-versa? It's funnier to me that Brent is humiliated or that we come up with some funny thing like he has really fragile nipples. I mean, the purpose is to make people laugh.

You guys are hilarious. Anyone in here saying that I should not listen to fans and change things due to what they're all hypocrites. That's the whole point of this site. People bitching about how I should change.

My friend is right about one thing. Some of you are just angry. About what I don't know. Maybe you really love PvP to death and you just love picking it apart the way we love picking Star Trek apart.

Telling me to get a Tyhco or something...just stop reading if you hate it so much. Now not only are you reading it despite it sucking, but you're reading blogs ABOUT the strip.

FSM does a pretty good job. Some of you do not.

Scott said...

McGee I just read your blog. You suck.

Top 10 tv shows? Brilliant work. The world needed that list, thanks. Nobody knew House or Firefly was good TV until McGee.

You need to find a Tycho.

Julia said...

Scott, I do hope that was your "friend" again.

Anonymous said...

Scott, supposing it was your friend who posted that comment, you just put yourself in the same position you were in before you had told us it was your friend.

You again look like an asshole.

McGee says something negative about your work, and you go on the offensive.

Stop being such a fucking child. I've read PVP since 1999, and the more I learn about who Scott Kurtz is, the less and less I like him.

Anonymous said...

A "friend" did it, huh?

Just like that university kid who had a CD full of child porn, and accidentally handed that in instead of a CD his assignment was on, and tried to e-mail the professor saying "It is my friend's CD with music on it I was going to get the music can I have it back so I can put the music on my computer."

You need a Tycho. If not for your strips, than at least to come up with a response that doesn't sound like it came from a 6th grader, 'No, YOU need a Tycho.'

Sage said...

Thinking part of that was regarding my comment here is what I meant

No you shouldnt change anything on what we say. It should be your vision and you should defend it with a critical eye.

Should Abrams, Lindeloff and Cruse change where Lost is going because its fans are confused and don't know where it is going? Tney did kill off two charaters people didn't like, but they keep telling a story they want to and revealing what they want and let people catch up who want to come along
Should Joss Whedon, Lucas, Speilberg, the Cohen Brothers, or any other artist that has solely in charge of their work change anything based on the fact they get a message from people who said that they might be wrong?

You set up a strip where blind character can hit someone with "echo location" and even gave us a story of one of your friends who did that. Then you have a number of emails which led you to take him out and then talk to other people who said you didn't have to. You have trolls, panda attacks, flying General Lees and dislocated nipples, why could we then not suspend belief a blind character can do well in paintball? You changed (or said you did) your strip not because you didn't like reggie in the storyline but because people told you something was true and it turned out not to be, you let someone else effect your creation. If you don't agree tell them to piss off like you tell us to if it goes against what you want to do.

Hell, I check PVP every day and have read it for the past 3 years and I've bought the xbox photos and themes from the site. On this site I have defended and enjoyed many more sites than other people. Im not saying this to lick Scott's boots, but to say I am no troll or fat joke conesseur. Scott you love shows, movies, other artists as well, does that mean you cannot critisize them if you think they made a wrong move? Its freaking water cooler talk, most of us don't say you suck, and those of use sane ones admit when we're wrong.

Also, you do not need a Tyco, PA is what it is and PVP is up there as well, thats why I check for it every day. Now that guy is an ass.

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Tee hee... If you read the final couple of panels in the way that the ambulance gag is usually set up, it looks like the ambulance is there because Doc beat Cole up.

Sage said...

And no I don't care that Marci didn't shoot Francis, you went somewhere we didn't expect. If I could predict where PVP was going every time then I wouldnt really need to read it then.

Scott said...

no that was me that time.

the more you get to know Scott Kurtz? Please. What makes you think you even could start to know me through this commenting system. Come meet me at a con and we'll talk and then you can start to get to know me.

I'm not as bad as you might think.

evan said...

Well, for one thing, I think Abrams and gang should change some of what they're doing on Lost, because they keep introducing new plot elements without bringing any closure to or referring back to the old ones. But that's a different topic.

Scott, I don't think you need to "get a Tycho." You can write a good joke, but your reasoning for abandoning storylines: "So look. I get a lot that I abandon storylines. The thing is, I look ahead and think of possible more strips. If none of them are super-funny, why do them? Just to say I finished?" is not a good excuse.

No, you shouldn't complete a story just to say you finished if you can't see good jokes to be made along the way. Your strip is, before anything else, really a gag-a-day format. It's important to, for the most part, keep that format up. There needs to be a decent joke most days.

What I'm saying is that you need to examine your method of writing the strip. If you keep finding yourself in a position where you need to abandon stories because you've run out of jokes to tell with them, then maybe your "write myself into a corner" strategy isn't the best. I can see how it works out really well for you on occasion, but for the most part I think it leads to unresolved story more often than comic gold.

i think that you should plan out where the story needs to go, and how you're going to get it there, before you start posting it. I also think that you might benefit from taking a few Creative Writing courses. These courses have a tendency to focus on things like what is the "story" you're trying to tell, and what's the best way to do that. Which moments are necessary to the story, and which are filler. Sometimes in writing, you have to kill your babies. A line in a story may be beautifully written, but do nothing to add to the overall arc of the story and you need to get rid of it.

Kind of like carving a statue. You chip away all of the stone that isn't Your Majesty. In writing, you have a whole bunch of stuff, and you chip away at all the stuff that doesn't help move along the story.

I think that you should seriously consider taking some courses in writing. You're growing in your art, and changing your style, and there's a clearly evident improvement when you look through the archives. So maybe it's time to focus some on the writing aspect.

I'm all for story driven content. I think there's an opportunity to make PvP more than just a gag a day strip. I was excited by the prospect of Cole's divorce story, and Brent's marriage story. I like to see character growth, and welcome it wholeheartedly into the PvP universe, but at this point, with the way these stories have been laid out thus far, I don't know that you're fully equipped to tell the longer stories. I really feel that just a couple of writing courses would greatly help you in this respect, and give you a greater appreciation for the basics of storytelling.

Sage said...

Yeah most con reports say Scott is nice as can be so I dont know where that came from.

Evan: you THINK they should do that, but they shouldn't be reading the internet and looking to our posts to change what theyre doing. Its THEIR story and they know what they want. Now if someone they respect suggests something and they take it, theyre still in control (like is PVP took Tyco or Gabe or anyone else's opinion he respects opinion) theyre the final say and shouldnt let the "masses" opinion change what they should do.

We're entitle to an opinion (at least a rational one) as Evan is with his "suggestions" But Scott is the one who's done this for however many years, and he knows what he want and shouldnt let the rabble sway him

Sage said...

"respects opinion" sorry its late my grammar is not where it should be.

evan said...

Yes, Sage, you are correct. It is my opinion that these stories have not been brought to the fruition that they could have been, and from that my opinion is that Scott wold benefit from some formal training. But I used the term "I think" so often in the last post because ultimately, I'm just some guy on a blog giving my opinion and suggestions to Scott on how to better himself, which he seems eager to do.

He has every right to disregard what I say. He's the professional here. I'm just a fan offering suggestions and opinion. If I was capable of being a professional writer, that's what I would be doing now instead of posting on this board. Maybe someday.

At the same time, I don't think my suggestions are unfounded. While Scott has every right to ignore me, it never hurts to get a bit more formal education, right?

Sage said...

Nope, your suggestions aren't unfounded if you believe the writing is the weak part.
My main complaint was from what scott posted on his site which was the whole reason he took out Reggie only to find out that blind people do play paintball. Do i expect this blog to allow us to express our opinions? Do i expect to argue, agree, begrudgingly admit when Im wrong (evan you saw that tonite), or to just laugh at people who think they're original or funny with "scott kurtz is fat" jokes? I think we all agree yes those questions. Do I expect Scott to take any of my opinions? Hell no. If by some miracle and the skys open and he likes something I say things I provided him with a different view Id be honored, but its not what I do for a living. From what I like and dislike Im expressing myself froma somewhat informed position. However, Im a physical therapist I wouldnt want scott to take my o pinions as much as I dont want his on how to treat my patients.

Sage said...

"or provided him with a different view point" man grammar and 2am do not mis

fox said...

You guys are hilarious. Anyone in here saying that I should not listen to fans and change things due to what they're all hypocrites. That's the whole point of this site. People bitching about how I should change.

That's not what this blog is about, I don't think FSM is "bitching about how [you] should change".

For me, this blog is some kind of course about webcomics and we're studying PvP. I'm a webcomic artist myself and since reading this blog, I've learnt a lot.

We're not PvP haters, we're PvP fans. We're not sad and pathetic, we're just a bunch of geeks who enjoy critiquing the strip.

If this blog really bothers you so much Scott, if you ask FSM to delete it, I'm sure he would.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Scott (and his, um, evil pal "Scott")'s posts in this thread:

Wow. Just -- wow.

Scott, my suspicions about you being a profoundly neurotic person have been confirmed. You can't stay away from this blog because people are *talking about you*, yet you can't handle it if anyone says anything besides "You're great! Rock on!"

This "my bad bad friend wrote those nasty words" gambit is just pathetic. Take some freaking responsibility for yourself and your work. Your reprehensible behavior in this forum merely parallels the fidgety, big-ego little-ego flipflopping you do with your strip. So the paintball storyline turned out the way it did because some folks raised objections? So you changed it all around? Then decided to "stick it to the whiners" by crapping all over the storyline you'd taken such care to perfect? And now you stomp around in here alternately pouting and pleading with us to get all your jokes and think you're brilliant?

Dude, get yourself into therapy! Seriously!

R.W.McGee said...

Thanks for doubling my traffic Scott. Much love, lol.

Chorius said...

"So look. I get a lot that I abandon storylines. The thing is, I look ahead and think of possible more strips. If none of them are super-funny, why do them? Just to say I finished?

Does anyone really care if Marcy shot Francis or vice-versa? It's funnier to me that Brent is humiliated or that we come up with some funny thing like he has really fragile nipples. I mean, the purpose is to make people laugh."

First off, in order for your premise to be valid, I have to laugh. Didn't happen with the nipple joke, just made me wonder what the hell was going on...

Secondly, people aren't complaining about abandoned story lines because there isn't any funny left in them, people complain about them because they aren't wrapped up at all. There's a big difference between wrapping up the story line and moving on in a graceful fashion, and just dumping the storyline without any resolution at all. Particularly when we've spent a good 2 weeks building up the paintball storyline.

It's like if George Lucas had just stopped making Return of the Jedi right after Luke meets the Emperor...

"Your overconfidence is your weakness."
Cut to a shot of the Death Star blowing up. Roll Credits.

Kind of a let down, eh? We spent 2 and a half movies building up to THAT?

Scott, maybe it's time to take a break from PvP and regroup. I started reading PvP years ago, I've read every PvP strip I could find, from the very beginning of the archives on, and it is very obvious that it's not getting your full attention these days.

Anonymous said...

im also really disappointed that this is the end of paintball. what about marcy/francis? what about meat shields? what about cole aiming and missing at his enemy? what about... everything?

its tough. ive tried to lay out comic strips too, you pack too much into a weeks strips, its too frenetic. you pull everything too far apart, and youre spending 3 months on one day and suddenly its christmas.

but still. my theory is the paintball mafia got to kurtz mid story, and he was afraid to show inaccuracies or too much mayhem.

The Wax Lion said...

This "my bad bad friend wrote those nasty words" gambit is just pathetic.

Umm, call me wacky, but I think you missed that Scott was joking here. He knows we know it was him. And I actually thought it was pretty big of him to admit that his "friend" sometimes says stupid shit when he gets mad.

Of course, if I'm wrong about that, Actual Scott, then you really are a little nuts. :)

I also would like to add that when I was on the fencing team in college, a dude fencing for Johns Hopkins at an event got his nipple cut clean off. Seriously. So technically "nipple dislocation" IS possible. I think I might have found this storyline funnier if Brent's nipple had been shot off, and they were all frantically searching around in the bushes to find it and reattach it. But then, I'm a little nuts too.

vaultkeeper said...

Oh the drama of Kurtz on a forum, it never ceases to amuse.

I thought the sudden end to the storyline blew chunks. Are you telling me you'll take out a blind guy playing paintball in the name of accuracy yet go into a tangent about dislocated nipples? Seriously?

Your thought process on storylines is plain lazy. Even Garfield manages to start and end storylines with somewhat amusing (though mainly dry) jokes all the way through. You claim to want developing your characters and their personalities (blog post about Cole divorce) yet fail to do so when the opportunity arises 90% of the time. Admit to yourself it's a gag-a-day strip and just be happy with that. You do them well.

I don't know why I'm angry or why I care so much. Maybe it's because I've been reading PvP since the beginning, have bought a fair amount of merchandise, yet the last year's lack of quality has managed to overshadow all of that.

neddy said...

While I understand Scott's reaction (as a pseudo-academic, I often have my lovingly-crafted treatises and research cut apart with a machete), the severity of it is unprofessional. The opinion of anonymous people (or even nonymous people) should not provoke a reaction as extreme as he's evidenced.

I agree with the lion on this one, except that the entire storyline had a lot of unrealized potential. There was a lot more potential in this storyline which could have eventually ended up with the same "nipple dislocation." Francis' obsession with winning was one thing I hoped to see writ large, as was a potential conflict with Miranda "capturing" Brent.

However, the end, with an impossibility which ended the entire paintball thing, was disappointing and reminded me why I rarely check out PvP anymore. I mean Scott Adam's approach ("Note: This storyline isn't as funny as I thought it was, so lets cut to the big finish") is more meta-ironic than the way this petered out.

Seejak said...

Scott said:

the more you get to know Scott
Kurtz? Please. What makes you
think you even could start to know me through this commenting system. Come meet me at a con and we'll talk and then you can start to get to know me.

The man has a point - you can't make accurate judgements about someone's character from comments 'they' made on some random blog. (Well, maybe you can, but I resign myself to making judgements about their intelligence).

Anonymous said...


It's really easy to be fake in real life around strangers.

But on the internet, someone's true self can come out and say the things he/she found it unacceptable to say to someone's face.

I'm sure even at a con, deep down inside Scott is whiny, crybaby little girl.

I'll hold his comments online over what's said face-to-face anyday.

I mean really. You can smile at a boss you hate all day long and call him "sir" and laugh at his dumb jokes-- but you get home and call him big fat stinking idiot on your blog.

Same thing.


Kristofer Straub said...

Thank you, DoomDragon6. You can talk in person all you want, but the internet is where you meet the REAL person.


DocN said...

I didn't say we allowed blind players to play "all the time", I said we have occasionally accommodated them in the past, just as we've made accommodations for people in wheelchairs, with only one arm, or the deaf.

Anyway, Reggie doesn't need to play. It'd be funnier to have him as a referee. :)


Anonymous said...

s"Anyway, Reggie doesn't need to play. It'd be funnier to have him as a referee. :)"

Now, THAT is funny!

Anonymous said...

This site gave me a headache, don't ask me why I continued to read through the comments, I just did. Just like I was compelled to write a response that would probably be flamed or deleted as it adds nothing to the absurd transaction of petty insults going on here.

It sounds like there are three or four people here, including the author, who posted comments under different aliases to cause a ridiculous debate merely to tarnish Scott Kurtz's reputation.

The original post had some valid points for criticism but going so far as to pose as the real "Scott" and spew inflammatory trash just to rouse a flame war? That's spiteful and childish.

Julia said...

Hee. Wow, that's a really ridiculous, poorly thought out, accusation. If the person in this thread named Scott is not the real Scott Kurtz, either it's someone who somehow has his blogger login and password, or someone who decided that they would need a fake Scott Kurtz blogger account SEVEN YEARS AGO!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys serious?!?!?! It's a freaking web comic. Sometimes I think people have way too much time on their hands...Get a life already.

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