Monday, October 27, 2008

Monster Fighters Part 4

Part 4.

Not much to say here, the punchline made me chuckle though. And Brent's earpiece has reappeared for some reason. 

My only critique is the pursed lips of Brent and Cole in panels 2 and 4 look odd.


Gideon said...

I wouldn't say that the earpiece disappeared in parts 2 and 3. His head is just turned so you can't see it, although it should be seen in panel two of strip 2 based on what I can see in this strip.

Anonymous said...

I berieve he means how it's returned from the rast paner.

Anonymous said...


You might be right...the angles are just so that it's hard to tell if Kurtz forgot, or if Brent's head is at a convenient angle.

Kovac said...

Cole seems to do the pursed lips thing at rather random times that don't really seem to match what he is saying.

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