Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monster Hunters Part 5

It continues.

Seriously, the disappearing-reappearing ear pieces are bugging me. I'm not sure why they ditched their coats either.

Anyone else find the vertical strips on Brent's shoulders odd in panel 3? They look kind of jarring compared to the rest of that sweater.

Panel 4: Ouch...better watch for a bad case of Mummy Rot. I liked the "chomp" sound effect though.


Chris Dunning said...

I think the art today is exceptionally nice.

TheOriginalJes said...

The stripes might be an attempt at one of those tactical assault sweaters, except it's missing the giant shoulder patches.

As far as the headset and coat go, with the time lapse, those items could be in the back seat, or even forgotten back at the ER. I don't think it really matters.

So what's today's movie reference, Shuan Of The Dead or Thriller?

Dedos said...

You should forgive the earpieces. You don't need mobile communication options when you're sitting right next to your partner. :)

TheOriginalJes said...

It is Brent, though. He probably wears them in bed with Jade.

The Trouble said...

Way to have your partners back Cole! Jeeze... :)

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