Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Fighting

Hey it's not late if the post is up before midnight. The strip continues a nice homage to classic Marvel/X-men art. I was watching a little bit of the drawing at the end of my lunch (it wasn't up at 2pm, so I was seeing what was going on) and he was using a drawing of Silver Age Captain America as a template/trace for Jack Frost in panel 3. It’s a nice way to continue the art of the Jingle Force 5 and a nice change from cartoony to more “comic book” style art.

I also chuckled at two points in the comic. First the premise of two teammates with the same power set arguing over who did what. As an avid comic reader you rarely see supes with similar powers (outside of maybe Green Laterns) unless something epic is happening. Secondly, there was a nice joke with Rudolph getting kicked out for his "games". Hey who doesn't like a nice pun?

Solid comic and continues a nice Kringus storyline.

PS - One year ago at 2 pm tomorrow FSM started a blog about PVP that despite its ups and downs survived a year and still is an enjoyable place to discuss about PVP. He even got mentions in a Time magazine blog, so he must have been doing something right. I know he is A LOT better at this than me and congrats to him for his baby surviving a year despite the bounty hunts and drama that took place here. Salute


Jim Thorpe said...

Like the old-style super-hero artwork.
In panel 3, with Scratch running, his left arm should be going back when the left leg is forward, and the right arm should be swinging forward - still a nice drawing though
- and it was fun to watch on the streaming video.

rdy said...

Re: the strip before the latest one (yeah, late strips are messing things up), when the character at the end announces that the tree is empty, is everyone at this point aware that it's just a cat in a tree. I thought the whole 'joke' of Kringus was that it was that everyone was assuming it was an 'evil being' as a whole, not just something hiding in a tree.

Erasmus said...

Couldn't scratch just "logic" Santa out of existence? Sloppy writing and continuity yet again.

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