Friday, January 30, 2009

A Cat and Dog Game

Bottoms Up

Art - Scratch looks better in this strip then Monday's because there is little to no white shading. I still like Kirby and I like the fact that he had 3 different positions when Scott could have easily used 2 (same position for the first 3 panels) and at least he's not copying and pasting the whole strip.

I really liked his old backgrounds that were pencil and showed a little more detail. I know they are in a hallway but with tighter shot you can't tell you're at a corner of the hallway like yesterday's strip. It just looks like two toned wall. (and we know Jade wouldn't have that.)

Also, like Rdy posted Kirby's teeth are the same color as the wall.

Story - Unspectacular and a joke that one could see from the set-up. The weakest of the week so far but not horrendous. Meh. (Gene Siskel is somewhere rolling from that critique)

One more day without a light falling on Cole and we're free!


Rdy said...

Today's strip - 'Ace'? Typo/mistake or intentional?

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

I believe that is him writing in cockney english or something similar to that.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

typo I just saw on Scott's twitter.

jsiebels said...

Glad to see Least I Could Do advertise on PvP's site. Per their blog entry last week "I've discovered a webcomic model that works for us, I have 2 webcomics in the Top 10 on the web and we've managed to put together a company that employs twenty full time employees, all based around webcomics." and hopefully advertising will increase the number. Why do I bring this up? Shows how big you can become in this business when you put out a quality product.
Now Scott's art is looking better and better (and one wonders if he's tracing photos on his tablet with his own style) but comic strips live and die by the writing. Dilbert blew up on weak art but great writing. You can draw masterpieces and eventually your base will deteriorate without quality story telling. It just seems story wise we've been in a lul for quite a while. Hoping he can pick it up a notch. On a plus side Starslip is getting better. Nice to see Straub really putting effort into his creation.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...


I think the best example for that is XKCD. It's stick figures and it makes me chuckle/laugh 2/3 times a week at least

Rdy said...

I need someone to explain (the joke in) today's strip. I can't seem to find it. Not for the strip mentioned in this post or the one after that but the one after that.


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