Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hall Monitor

Art- Still a very good effort for today's strip, mostly because the model Scott is drawing from is a live one (forgive me if his dog passed on as I know he had some medical problems through Scott's tweets but I believe he is still alive). He caught the basset hound with great detail. Brent is cut and pasted in the last 3 panels, but that's to assume this took place in seconds so I have no problem with it.

My only problem is Brent's chin shading and to pull out the view in panel 4 as Kirby's glare at Brent is kinda cut-off.

Story - As a former owner of a hound dog (a beagle) this made me laugh on a personal level. Did it catch anyone else as funny since I'm kinda biased? Standard joke, solid one-off, and continues a good week *foreshadowing music plays*.

By the way Brent is not a friend of the animal kingdom. Between the Panda, Scratch (when he sat in his lap), and now Kirby he is not finding any luck.

Oh and Ding! updated


rdy said...

Certainly cements my feeling that 'Ding!' should be renamed '...I guess you had to be there!'.

jessica said...



I do think taking it out of the 'story telling' style would help, though. This one actually reminds me of an earlier strip, with Kissybear 'hiding' in a pumpkin. Same kind of humor in my eyes, but it was better the first time around.

Setitie said...

It was funny, not HAHAHAHA, but funny. I wish though he would say something like "I'm sorry I was late posting this by 2 weeks, I should learn to not say something will be posted when I know it cant be".

rdy said...

'On-time' is a premium feature ;)

(sorry - bad reference to this new fan-club thing SK is touting).

Setitie said...

I don't SK knows the meaning of "On-time" but funny none the less

R.W.McGee said...

I would be a tad concerned about paying for 'additional' premium content from somebody who doesn't even seem to have enough time to produce 'normal' content.

Ding! Continues to be hilariously bad. And is now starting to make me question not only Kurtz, but the WoW player-base in general. Surely somebody must have a legitimately interesting story to tell?!? Or is Kurtz filtering those ones out.

Jai said...

I've gotta say this for Ding! -- it looks MUCH, much better this time. That made me very happy. The whole simplified-when-further-away-or-to-exaggerate-emotions (Like Gunnerkrig Court and sort of like anime in general) style is totally new for SK (As far as I know), and it's awesome. That was great to see.

As far as humor goes, though, it should have ended halfway through. There's nothing written that is funny after that point. Of course, the yellow box text makes that proposition no good.

The idea of letting any old random WoW player write "punchlines" is not a very good one, so far.

rdy said...

Yes, the drawn backgrounds, even though they're a lot more simplistic are way better than those photoshop-filtered screen captures from the last one.

Regarding the fanclub - I can definitely see the appeal for SK. The part talking about where his usual troupe of forum fanbois will be able to stomp out anyone making negative comments must have looked like the promised land to someone like Kurtz.

The Trouble said...

Hey it's sketchy-type-cloud day at the Kurtz household!

Rdy said...

If SK intends to keep the grayscale thing going, he's needs to pay more attention to the strip - like Kirby's wall-coloured teeth in today's strip and Cole's white hair from one a few days ago.

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