Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Doctor

And now because Jai demands it . . .

Stowaway - Art - Now begins the first strip of grayscale with shading that does lead to a new look for PVP. The art was good overall as the shading seemed to be in place. Obviously, the main piece of the strip was the Doctor (which Doctor he is or if the drawing represents him accurately I don't know). The detail was very good on him where the only goofy part I found to be his neck which was a little long.

Story - Well coming out of a fart joke a dream sequence is a good way to go. Like I said before Scott had gotten into Doctor Who a while back and this is a project he seems excited about. That will likely lead to a good arc and at least he won't get bored by it.

Real Enough
Art - The detail continues to be good and the Doctor is drawn well through the first 4 panels. My only complaint is that the shading of Brent's chin doesn't show any true dimension to his face. The last frame the big complaint is the Doctor's teeth I had to look at it again to make sure it wasn't a large set of lips

Story - Now all the Doctor who fans might have to help me. I liked the exchange and the general motion of the character as a real energy came out from this comic. Does it reflect Doctor Who accurately?

*Note - Scott stated on his blog that he is using this dream sequence to test out the shading which I believe is a smart move, if it doesn't work (which so far its good) you can scrap it without much fanfare. Also, an apparent redesign of Brent's chin is coming . . . we'll see on that one.


jessica said...

I'm actually really tickled to see the (10th) Doctor drawn like this. He does look good! However I am a bit thrown by all of the poses in the 1/20 comic. It seems kind like Scott picked his favorite pictures of David Tennant and almost... traced them, just threw them in. Without the fluidity and appropriateness of the pose considered.

There's a Shortpacked comic that details this phenomenon, but I can't bring myself to hunt it down now. Maybe tomorrow!

The Thelonious Punk said...

Heh - I loved 'Home Safe' - I think that that last panel of Brent is just right :)

Dave... or IS IT? said...

The art for the Doctor is gorgeous yes, but something in his mannerisms or dialogue feels a bit off...

Have you ever seen an American do a really bad English accent and they're all like "cor blimey! Brilliant innit?" - I kinda get the same feeling from these strips. it's hard to pin down though.

Jim Thorpe said...

I thought is was a good arc - that image of Brent in his "girly run" was very well drawn, and as an artist I admire the skill. If Scott traces the images of the Doctor (we really don't know, right?), I didn't mind, since he stylized it nicely, and he represented the Doctor's body language well. And the shaded look was a good device for a dream sequence.

The Trouble said...

I like the shading quite a bit, and it seems to have solved a lot of the issues with backgrounds (or lack thereof).

I just wonder what this will do to the production schedule. It's probably another hour added to the time it takes to make the strip, and PvP's been posting pretty late in the afternoon recently.

I can't really comment on the Dr. Who stuff having seen very little of it.

poormnssuprmn49 said...

i could give a damn about doctor who and, by proxy i suppose, this arc as well, but his art has been amazing on it. brent's frolic on the last panel today might be the best frame i've seem him draw yet.

evan said...

@ Dave: I totally agree with you about the dialogue. The art, while I thought it was good, was basically just a caricature of David Tennant's Doctor, which is what it was supposed to be. But, the dialogue was also just a caricature, which I don't think it was supposed to be.

Scott's a much better artist than he is a writer, and all his dialogue is pretty bad to begin with. I think this time it's just that he's chosen to work with a known character who has a very distinct sort of speech pattern, and he couldn't replicate it. With everyone else, they have no speech pattern and that's because they're Scott's from the beginning.

Then again, there's a cartoon from a couple years back called The Infinite Quest which, I believe, was written by Davies, and was definitely voiced by Tennant. And it sounded off the same way that this strip seemed off. So maybe it's a case of The Doctor needing to be in the right context.

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