Monday, April 27, 2009

Scott Kurtz is back, Alright! (to the theme of "Backstreet's Back")

Friendship is Rare: Part One

Art - Kurtz has tempered our expectations as he has said in many venues that this is just for this run. See this is the frustrating thing about PVP, he CAN give us stuff like this but he doesn't. He has said "I was inspired/ I was excited to get back to my characters" and thus colored for the week. Well then was there that "excitement/inspiration" in previous months since he NOW has it? Ugh.

Anyway I like the coloring of both the characters and the background in this strip. There are fused fingers but it makes sense since he is hold a coffee cup. I also really like Skull in the last panel as he is very teary and snotty and fits him very well.

My only complain (aside from the paragraph above) is that Brent looks a little too tan. I see him as a pasty white guy (as with all the white guys in the strip) and with and without the shading he looks like he was at the tanning booth for the weekend.

Story - Kurtz returns and is right back in his wheelhouse. I'm on record as saying I really liked Skull and that continues with this strip as he and Brent had a good interaction, but one similar to something seen before. Nothing amazing but it was a funny strip nonetheless.

Also for those who noted that Brent's eyes were seen this is not the first strip as it was done a few weeks ago in this strip here


Chris Dunning said...

You linked to the he says/she says strip?

Chris Dunning said...

Colors in "FIR: Part Three" seem to be quite off compared to the last two strips. I wonder if Kurtz's pallet got reset in PS.

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