Monday, May 18, 2009

Sacrifices were Made

Art - I REALLY liked the art of the first two panels, and if Kurtz decided to do an adventure/comedy webcomic out of those characters I would definitely be excited.

My main problem is back in the PVP world. Like RW said Cole looks like he is choking up his coffee instead of spitting it. A wider finer spray would have done better. Also, I understand why the "adventurers" shading is the way it is, there is a glowing idol in front of them. The shading of Cole and Brent is way too strong unless there is a) a giant light bulb off screen b) Brent's mack screen is that bright c) that same idol is off screen.

Story - To be honest I didn't get the corollary of the first two panels with Dollhouse being renewed, but seeing as how people who got it liked it, I can't really poo poo it. So I'll go well with that is was done well. :)

By the way to the poster kurtz I know you said that the site "is so dead and on it's last leg" since I was sporadically posting. Can we now declare DING! dead with that logic? I mean I was posting randomly over a couple week period, it has been 7 weeks/49 days since the last update and well I don't get paid to do this.


Callahan said...

The Joke:

It seemed impossible that Dollhouse would be renewed.

Perhaps an adventurer released a genie and wished for this impossibility.

Not a bad riff on Whedon's track history with Fox.

TheOriginalJes said...

I can't believe that FOX will renew Dollhouse, and NBC canned My Own Worst Enemy.

Although I am a bit of a Whedonite, the only thing I really liked about Dollhouse is seeing a few of my favorite actors in a show again.

On a tangent - does anyone else watch Moonlight? Dave Greenwalt (from Angel) produces it. It's a little girly, but the story (also, from Angel) is good.

Any thoughts?

evan said...

I didn't get the correlation either. I read it about four times trying to find the joke. I figured the joke must have been that the unidentified treasure hunter must have wished for Dollhouse to be renewed, but it wasn't told particularly well, ad it's not really funny. The joke is exactly as effective without the first two panels. I assumed I must have been missing something that would have made me go "Oh... I get it now," so I came here to see what others had to say. But I guess there's nothing more than the face value of this strip.

Didn't they cancel Moonlight like a year ago?

hnm said...

Actually, I think the joke was that, whatever the explorer wished for, the "price" his friend was talking about was that Dollhouse would be renewed. In other words, Dollhouse is so bad, it could only have been renewed as the consequence of releasing an ancient evil upon the world.

rdy said...

When you offer that up, it does seem a bit muddy.

Re: Ding! - if you were following the logic Kurtz applied in his previous post here, you would have announced it dead many, many times in the past. Not so much a commentary on it actually being dead but more so on SK's (as usual) petty swipes.

jsiebels said...

Regarding your comment about the poster Kurtz if you follow his tweets he will discuss a conversation he's had that day then it appears as a strip the next day. When you are working day to day pulling in strips off your dad crying at Star Trek it's apparent the tank is empty. It seems this has become more of a chore for him than a labor of love. And the finality of having to come up with five more strips next week then another five and another five times infinity (or when he dies)could feel like an anchor pulling you into a dark abyss.

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