Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Art - I loved the background in this strip both in the Sienna bedroom and in the jungle. This is why we wanted COLOR! Also, the "real-life" characters of Jack, Sayid, the Skipper and Gilligan are done well. I especially like the character model of Sayid (favorite character of mine)and Jack's perpetual stubble is done well.

But I have a question, how bright is it on that island? Everyone, save for Sayid is squinting on the "show" and Lost is not really a hard-boiled crime drama that you would expect that facial expression throughout a parody of their characters.

Story - Get it? Lost and Gilligan's Island are both about castaway's but they aren't really that similar, get it?, GET IT? A joke I've heard on many occasions illustrated here, but doesn't that sum up a lot of what PVP is?

(check out Preston and Steve as they are very funny and have made me laugh out loud for the 3-4 years I have listened to them. They are on iTunes for free as well.

And to Scott, for your back problems, put a towel roll at the base of your chair and sit up straight against it. Better posture and your back muscles won't have to work hard and get sore as your posture improves.


TheOriginalJes said...

I loved the Gilligan reference, too. People were always coming to and from that island, too.

But, when I think of Lost, it always reminds me of Peter Benchley's The Lost World, or the original The Land Of The Lost series.

That sort of took the air out of it for me.

Jai said...

Seeing SK's traced "artwork" next to his real artwork is terrible. Not just because it creates a distracting and garish clashing of styles, but also because I WANT to have seen what SK would have come up with, had he drawn those characters in his own PVP style. Instead, it looks like he vectorized a few screen grabs, edited their expressions, did some cropping, and then only did one panel's worth of actual drawing. Which, by the way, looks especially great next to those utterly lifeless first three panels.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Jes: That's what took the air out for you? What took the air out for me was the fact that I've heard and probably made pretty much the same joke 1000 or so times in the past however many years Lost has been running for. What's next, a joke about how "Obama" sounds a little bit like "Osama"?

TheOriginalJes said...

Mouse -
Actually, you're the first person I've come across that agreed with me on that point.

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