Friday, May 15, 2009

While I'm here, I get by

With a Little Help from My Friends
Running late to see my fiancee's cousin off to the prom, review to follow.

Art - I liked the art, but unlike the previous strip, it was relatively simple. Nonetheless, solid art, good shading and the background it nice.

Story - I liked this joke a hell of a lot better than Thursdays (because Thursday's joke stunk). While it wasn't anything spectacular it is a joke most people can relate to as you can always see the one thing the other person is messing up and you just want to "help" them.

Also, wanted to let people know its been 46 days since DING! *edit* comic *edit* has updated.

That is all. :)


TheOriginalJes said...

That's not true...if you count the comments posted.

Reader said...

Just wanted to let people know that if you're planning on getting that Justin book Kurtz is pimping in his blog right now, you can get it for a lot cheaper at Amazon.

Pretty messed up if you ask me. You'd think that if you buy it at the source it'd be cheaper than at the store. Guess not.

R.W.McGee said...

Actually, that's not uncommon. The book tanked, so Amazon probably ended up with more in stock than they could they're just trying to move it at any price to recoup what they payed to acquire it.

Kurtz, unlike Amazon, is not a mega-business, so he can't afford to absorb that sort of loss. He will still try to move it at a price that guarantees him a profit.

rdy said...

Seeing the first frame of Friday's strip, I thought Kurtz had finally figured out that a fez tapers to the top, instead of drawing it like the usual tube he does.

But in the second frame that odd tube shape is back. Come the third and it's actually wider at the top! It truly is a magical hat!

TheOriginalJes said...

Sacrifices Were Made...

I thought the last panel could have stood completely on it's own.

R.W.McGee said...

That was an excellent last panel. I actually liked today's (Monday) comic quite a lot. And the parallel amused me.

If I had one nitpick it is that Cole appears to be projectile vomiting about a quart of coffee...he should try taking smaller sips, lol.

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