Friday, June 5, 2009

Here comes the rain again

Hey guys coming from the rainy East Coast here,
No strip yet, but I'll be doing a critique today since the story has progressed since the last time I did one

Any news on the Kurtz addressing his DING! strip?


TheOriginalJes said...

...Enter, Ms. Melnitz...

TheOriginalJes said...

Slow Pour - disappointing. We're talking Big-time Let-down, here. It wouldn't be so bad if Scott hasn't proven time and again that he's got the goods to produce (when he feels like it). So, I'm going to be extra harsh, today.

[And, yes. I know, I'm a non-professional artist or critic. I'm just a fan in a bad mood. And, I haven't eaten a real meal since yesterday morning. So, I'm gonna take it out on YOU!!!]

More cut/paste, Will Robbie ever open his eyes? Or did he glue them shut so as not to see the craphole that is his micro-brewery? BTW...I just love what you've done with the place. Appleby's would be so proud to have all of "that" hanging on their walls. Not a single picture frame. No shelves or glasses. NO BOTTLES?!! IT'S A BAR!!!

And the visible excitement is so underwhelming. Take away the words, maybe litho (or something; a halo around the beer, maybe) the 3rd panel; and you're left with a much improved strip. I'd also suggest a fidgety motion from Jase with his ball cap, to illustrate restlessness. Uh,...and maybe a smile?

On the plus side, I do like the brass taps. It says, "We are indeed in a beer-drinking establishment." A brass rail would have been an exceptional touch to really punch it up. And an easy draw. But, as it is, I could put the same brass fixture on my desk at work to get the same effect.

One more added tip. They're gonna need a cash register at some point.

Writing - B+.

Although not really necessary, the dialogue is a quick, witty banter that isn't overdone.

The idea for today's strip carries along the whole idea of the progress of time without showing every mind-numbing detail.

However, a strip showing the installation of the vats (as background to another classic PVP snapshot moment) would have been better between this strip and the previous one. It's almost as if things progressed too fast.

For a guy that's a self-professed illustrator-at-heart, Scott's writing is showing much improvement over the past several years. Undoubtedly, this is due to his own emotional attachment to these characters. I almost want to double-dog dare him to kill one off, just to see if he can.

(please don't)

P.S. - It would have been so much funnier if they had skipped a test pour, and that had happened at the grand opening.

Anonymous said...

Kurtz stole this guys idea: for the ghost busters' firehouse.

This guy also came up with a pizza superhero and a 'LOL' character aswell.

Anonymous said...

"Kurtz stole this guys idea: for the ghost busters' firehouse.

This guy also came up with a pizza superhero and a 'LOL' character aswell."

Did this guy create the internet, too?

rdy said...

SK said "more ding is coming. Expect post about it Friday."

So Friday came and went without a peep on or about Ding from SK at all. Despite doing his usual twittering all weekend, no mention of again setting expectations and missing them. Well, at least Scott is consistent.

Djagir said...

Well, you see, Scott said to "expect" a post. He didn't say there would be one; he was just raising people's expectations needlessly. :)

kurtz said...

I like to keep people guessing.

R.W.McGee said...

Blogger kurtz said...

Booted up an old laptop and the link to pvpmakesmesad was in my browser on it.

Thought I would check it out to see what was going on over here.

Now that the site is so dead and on it's last leg, any chance someone might reveal who fake scott mccloud was?

Our bet is on "nobody" meaning, "nobody we know" as opposed to someone we might know from webcomics.

Anyway, just thought I would ask. I won't be checking back here, but FSM knows what email address to contact me at.

Just curious is all.

Peace guys!

May 13, 2009 9:47 PM


booted up that old laptop again, eh?

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

*channelling Stewie*
Aw man heeeere we go.

rdy said...

"I like to keep people guessing."

What guessing? We know you're unreliable.

Scott said...

Didn't you write something similar about my site/strip mcgee? After you claim I compared my work to Bill Watterson?

Thanks for all the pageviews since then.

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