Monday, June 8, 2009

Thick and Heady - That's what she said

Slow Pour

Art - Really liked the whole set-up to this strip with the background, the detail on the tap and the bar itself. Panels 1 and 2 are basically the same, but with the story it is expected (not much big action going on). Also, Jase doesn't move a lot again, but the facial expressions are done well and help to serve the story.

The only real complaint is the coloring and placement of the shading, Robbie more so then Jase. The color seems too light and again the placement under the eye and on the chin is just weird. It looks more like he has eczema then that there is light coming from the right side of the panel.

Story - Simple set-up and a pun for a punchline. Nothing groundbreaking but it was enough for me to chuckle. After all between those two getting it RIGHT on the first try would have been more unlikely then the beer slushie (which does sound delicious).


TheOriginalJes said...

Product Development - Robbie finally opens his eyes. I was beginning to think he was Mr. Magoo's bastard love-child.

I loved that the first panel shows Jase with a spoon, eating his beer. Next, he could spread it on a bratwurst.

Finally, Scott's drawing of Holly does a great job of making me picture Uma Thurman in the part.

@ Sage - I can't agree with you, here.

TheOriginalJes said...

...about liking the set-up of the art.

kurtz said...

It's just sad to see you try so hard to find something to complain about.

I'm learning to color and shade as I go. I haven't been doing it in the daily strip for 10 years like I have the line art.

How about cutting me a break?

kurtz said...

P.S. Holly is really Molly. I can't believe I got the name wrong this morning (had to go correct it)

She's based off someone my brother works with that's a big fan of the strip. I wanted to do her a solid and put her in there.

So that's where Molly came from.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

@ OriginalJes
This critique is for Friday's strip "Slow Pour" not for today's.

I try to find positives and negatives with the strip and it is one thing I found.

I did start the paragraph with "the only real complaint". If you read the stuff above, I did like the art for the most part.

kurtz said...

It's a filler strip that pushes the story on. Everyone else in the universe knows that the strip isn't supposed to have groundbreaking art or angles or action in it.

But since you maintain a website dedicated to tearing down what I do, you gotta find some new context to judge it in.

You're a sad individual.

Setitie said...

Perhaps he "maintains" this website because of your repeated broken promises to update on DING!

rdy said...

Maybe you could just post a list of excuses with each strip? It'd save you the trouble of coming here and delivering them in person.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Ah I've seen we moved from a private email conversation between you and myself to posting that nonsense on the site itself.

Like Limbaugh hates Obama.
Like lactose intolerant people hate milk.
Like Tom hates Jerry (unless Jerry has a bowtie on)
Scott Kurtz will eventually return to complain about the site

Scott said...
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Setitie said...
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